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Dump Bodies


If you’ve had the pleasure of owning a truck with a dump body attachment, you already understand the value. It’s a piece of equipment that was built for the project you’re completing. With a hydraulic dump truck bed, not only will you save hours of shoveling and hoisting materials, but it will also save you hours of icing your aching back. It’s hard to put a price on that last one and TP Trailers & Truck Equipment understands that. That’s why we’ve built our landscape truck body inventory around the best traits for the best service body for your truck. We’re sure to have the dump body or bed that will properly fit your vehicle and service you provide.

A few of our truck dump bodies for sale, include:

dump truck bed

At Iroquois Manufacturing, you will find quality and excellence. Their Brave Series come in steel and stainless steel, as well as a low-profile model. With a stylish aerodynamic design and the slanted ‘double pane’ tailgate with the pro-latch “quick release” tailgate system, Iroquois will stand to last longer and with better value. Also see why their Uni-body design is stronger and lighter. You may also build it your way with multiple options and features, call our sales representative to get your newest body suited to your needs.

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dump bed for sale

Martin Truck Bodies, Inc is a manufacturer of high-quality truck bodies.  These heavy-duty beds are constructed from high-grade aluminum and are available in MP Landscape, Avalanche, and Highlander Dump Body options. These bodies are built to withstand rugged conditions and will last for years to come. If you are tired of the northeast’s brutal salt conditions ruining the paint on your steel dump body, this all-aluminum line is the solution.

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landscape dump body

SH Truck Bodies has bodies for all needs; their reliable and strong brand of steel dump bodies are some of the best in the market. Standard features include regular duty dump bodies with 2-6 cubic yards capacity and come in lengths from 8’6” up to 12’ long. They also manufacture heavy duty mason dump bodies that range from 10’ to 12’ and can hold up to 9 cubic yards of material. Find out why SH Truck Bodies exceed expectations with a new body!

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TruckCraft dump body for sale

TruckCraft manufacturers multiple styles of aluminum dump bodies; if you are in need of a quality dump body, then TruckCraft is the place to be looking. Here you will also find dump inserts in steel and aluminum for 6.5’ to 8’ beds that will quickly unload multiple materials such as sand, gravel, wood and more. You can’t go wrong when you choose TruckCraft, so call to see about making TruckCraft work for you!

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durable dump truck bed

Buyers Municipal Dump Spreader combines the dump body and spreader for year round use.  It offers unique, roll-formed sides and cross memberless floor design to spread bulk sand, bulk salt or a combination of salt and sand.  The spreader has a 30.25″ wide conveyor feed mechanism with 1/2″ bars on every link or a dual 7″ auger drive.  This hydraulic truck is constructed of 304 stainless steel and comes available in 9′-15′ lengths.  Call for more information on how to order yours.

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professional landscape dump body

Turn your pick-up into a dump truck with this 6′ or 8′ dump insert.  Complete with a 4″ double acting hoist, this dump insert can handle over 2 tons of payload.  Perfect for mulch, stone and firewood.

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Cam Superline dump body

Cam Superline understands the need for a reliable work vehicle and their dump insert will keep you on the job. Manufactured with 12-gauge steel it includes a cab protector, double acting tailgate (removable) and stake pockets. Cam also has great upgrades that include galvanized inserts, tarp kits, and power-up/power-down cylinders. Find out the CAM difference with a new dump insert!

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Mason Dump Truck Beds & Bodies

Whether you’re a mason or a contractor, having the right equipment is essential to getting the job done right. That’s why we offer mason dump bodies to help you move cargo from point A to point B without any issues. Contact us to learn more about our dump truck bodies for sale and other equipment today!