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COSTARS NUMBER – 025-E22-470


703 W. Ridge Pike

Limerick, PA 19468


If you are interested in Snow Removal Equipment – Plows, Salt Spreaders, Snow Pushers

Email: parts@tptrailersinc.com

If you are interested in Truck Equipment – Detachable Truck Body Systems, Truck Beds, Liftgates, Dump Bodies

Email: rory@tptrailersinc.com

If you are interested in Trailers – Enclosed Trailers, Open Trailers, Utility/Landscape Trailers, Dump Trailers, Skid Steer/Equipment Trailers, Deckover Trailers, Contractor Trailers

Email: lori@tptrailersinc.com


Q: Who can purchase through Costars?

A: Any Pennsylvania state municipality or organization who is a MEMBER in the Pennsylvania Costars Program is eligible to receive a quote and purchase a product from Perkins – T.P. Trailers, Inc. under Costars Contract #025-E22-470.

Q: What products may be purchased through Costars Contract #025-E22-470?

A: Liftgates, Truck mounted Hydraulic Systems, Salt Spreaders and Snow Plows, Trailers of any type: equipment, utility, cargo, contractor, landscape, heavy duty equipment Snowmobile trailers, Motorcycle, Open and Enclosed trailers, Deckover trailers, trailer parts and Trailer accessories. Truck bodies and Truck beds, Detachable truck systems and Hooklift systems; Perkins T.P. Trailers are Truck Body Upfitters.

Q: What services can be purchased through Costars Contract #025-E22-470 from Perkins – T.P. Trailers, Inc.?

A: There are several ancillary services available through our contract which include Graphics, Installation, Fabrication and Preventive Maintenance Services are also available on light, medium and heavy duty trucks through our Costars Contract #025-E22-470.