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Hooklift Systems

Hooklift Systems

Hooklift systems are great for saving time and money by allowing one truck to be transformed into a number of work trucks for a variety of industries. The hooklift system includes multiple models and can lift up to 65,000 pounds, which helps to haul rental, landscape, disposal and municipal equipment. Bodies can be interchanged within minutes and the hooklift system provides easy loading and unloading. Call today to talk about a new hooklift system for your business.

Ampliroll hooklift

With a reputation for providing reliability and excellence in design, you cannot go wrong with Ampliroll. One truck with infinite possibilities will help to bring efficiency and ease to any business such as waste removal, landscaping, equipment delivery and municipal responsibilities. The Ampliroll hooklift is designed to be safe to use, maintenance free, very strong and have a reduced weight. The Ampliroll Hooklift is designed to be safer and faster on any job by picking up, dumping, transporting and unloading body attachments with ease. Find the hooklift system that is best for your business; models are available from 6,600 pounds to 65,000 pounds loading capacity!

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To view the specific Hooklift system specifications by capacity, please click the correct link below.

6,600 lbs. 13,000 lbs. 18,000 lbs.

20,000 lbs. 26,000 lbs. 31,000 lbs.

35,000 lbs. 40,000 lbs. 50,000 lbs.

60,000-65,000 lbs.