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Specialty Trailers

Specialty Trailers

Whether you are a landscaper or a contractor, these specialty trailers for sale are designed for commercial use and built with durability in mind.  Call us about different options including our landscape trailers and toolbox trailers, and we will find the trailer that works for you.

With an emergency response trailer, all your tools, equipment and gear are ready to roll in a moment’s notice.  These trailers provide the transportation and storage of specialized equipment for a variety of emergency services.   Fiber Optic Splicing trailers have been built to the highest industry standards for over 25 years.  Many utility, telephone, and cable companies use these trailers, which can serve as mobile laboratories for fiber optic installation/maintenance or any number of other outside plant operations.

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Designed with the serious contractor and landscaper in mind, the Multi-Tasker is a revolutionary new design, changing the face of the roll-off industry with a single chassis, multi-deck delivery system.

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Toolbox Trailers

Toolbox trailers are available in two sizes,  7′ x 18′ and 7′ x 20′.  Standard features on these include a 76” square interior height, a reinforced flat roof, electric, lights and receptacles, front ladder and three ladder racks. Some options include shelving and aluminum fenders. Check out our impressive selection today and discover the Car Mate difference!

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Landscape Series Trailers

From transporting all your tools of the trade to projecting a professional image, the Wells Cargo LS Series landscape trailers have the “right stuff” to get the job done. With Wells Cargo’s large assortment of job-proven options, it’s sometimes hard to know just where to start.  We have taken out the guesswork by combining some of the most popular options on our landscape trailers and creating packages for you to choose.

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Emergency Response Trailers

We operate under the principle that emergency response equipment is too expensive (and too vital to your mission) for our customers to have to settle for anything but the best. With that idea in mind, we have brought to the market a series of customized trailers specifically designed to accommodate the challenging demands of the First Responder industry.

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Fiber Optic Trailers

These highly specialized trailers can serve as mobile laboratories for fiber optic installation/maintenance or any number of other outside plant operations. Your technicians will achieve optimal productivity in the full climate controlled setting with generous worktop areas and convenient cabinet storage.

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