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AmeriDeck™ Hydraulic Loading System

The AmeriDeck™ hydraulic loading system is designed to fit in a standard pickup truck bed. AmeriDeck™ has many detachable decks that are suited for many different hobbies and workloads. Lift up to 2,500 lbs. of equipment or materials in the bed of your truck for safe transportation, ground level loading and unloading and easy release of the detachable decks. Call today to find out more about this versatile and easy to use AmeriDeck™ loading system that turns your truck into a work truck!

motorcycle truck lift


This PowerDeck™ is a great alternative to trailers, liftgates or winch-based loading systems. The PowerDeck™ can haul heavy equipment, bulk materials, and recreation vehicles. Put the 2,500lb capacity to work in motorcycle recovery, landscaping, equipment rental or any other type of hauling.  At almost five (5) feet wide and eight (8) feet long, this detachable deck is great for hauling golf carts, UTVS, ATVS, trikes and so much more. Switch detachable decks in minutes with only two pins for quick detach

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hydraulic truck bed lift

The DumpDeck™, formerly known as the Choremaster™, is perfect for hauling materials and debris in a variety of vocations from landscape to snow and ice management. The DumpDeck™ system will fit either a 6.5′ or 8′ bed lengths.  The DumpDeck™ features sloped sides for easy cleanout and are ideal for hauling gravel, mulch, compost, debris, large bulk equipment and more. Call today to find out more about this great product and add it to your truck!

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