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Residential Storage

Residential Storage Containers for Sale or Rental

While we are primarily known for providing storage solutions to businesses and contractors, we also offer residential storage containers as well. When homeowners need extra storage space due to moving, a remodeling project, or simply for having too much stuff, our backyard storage units are the perfect solution.

Available in 7 feet by 16 feet dimensions, these residential units provide many of the same benefits as commercial portable storage units just in the right size and with a look more suited to the suburbs than a job site. For example, these units are wind and watertight to ensure that whatever you’re storing stays completely protected. Contact us today to learn more about why this might be the best storage solution you never thought of — and to get your on-site storage container rental quote.

backyard storage units

7’ x 16’ residential storage units are weather resistant and designed to look like sheds and blend into the scenery around your home and neighborhood.
These units are delivered on a roll back, they require 60’ of straight space for unloading. These units also require 13’ 6” of clearance to deliver.

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Benefits of Backyard Storage Units

We’ve seen homeowners store memorabilia, small furniture, moving boxes, and so much more in our backyard storage units. Just like the units we rent and sell to large commercial clients, these are built to be guaranteed watertight and absolutely weather proof. In addition, these residential boxes also feature locking doors to ensure that your valuables stay secure even when you’re not around. While the look of our portable storage units isn’t as important on the job site, you want your home and your yard to look presentable. That’s why our residential storage containers are designed to look like sheds and blend into the scenery. In addition to the difference in dimensions, the look is the biggest factor that separates our commercial and residential storage.

While off-site storage complexes and garden sheds are the more traditional residential storage options, our units have some practical advantages that are hard to ignore. For example, our pricing is less expensive than buying a new garden shed or renting from most storage complexes. In addition, when you rent a on-site container for your own yard, your storage is onsite and always close at hand. In fact, it’s safe to say that this convenient option also tends to be the most financially sound choice as well.

Free Quotes on Backyard Storage Containers

If the advantages of one of our storage units make sense for your move, your renovation or your project, we’re ready to help. The first step is to contact our team to lock in your official sale or rental quote.

As is the case with any storage you rent or buy from TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we guarantee the quality. You can count on having a watertight high-quality unit that meets your needs for as long as you need. If anything ever goes amiss, we encourage you to contact us immediately to make it right.

Providing Residential Storage Containers in PA, MD, DE, NJ

One of the other factors that makes TP Trailers & Truck Equipment a name to trust for mobile offices as well as commercial and residential storage is that we deliver our product to you. Not only does this boost your convenience factor, it also ensures that the unit is set up correctly — without causing unneeded disruption to your property. Plus, the cost of delivery and pickup for residential on-site storage container rentals is included in the price, meaning you never find yourself facing a hidden fee

Our competitive prices, our included delivery, and our high-quality containers make us the choice for residential storage throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey! Contact us to start the conversation today!

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