Snow Equipment Repair

Snow Plow & Equipment Repair

TP Trailers maintains a full-service snow plow repair and snow equipment repair shop, servicing Pennsylvania and beyond. We know that snow removal is a difficult job and that having your equipment in working condition is crucial to doing it efficiently. A busy winter can take its toll on your snow equipment, from snow plows to snow pushers and everything else. Both the wear and tear of a long winter as well as unexpected accidents can be damage your equipment. Fortunately, the full-service repair shop at TP Trailers can handle it all. Since we know that snow and ice don’t stick to a schedule, we offer 24/7 emergency maintenance on your snow equipment during state emergency conditions. If you have equipment that needs maintenance, contact us for more information or to schedule your repair!

Full-Service Snow Plow Repair Shop

The plow repair shop at TP Trailers can diagnose and repair your snow equipment to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We have decades of experience fixing a large variety of snow equipment from the nation’s largest brands. We know the most common places that damage occurs — and we carry the parts and have the expertise to fix it. In addition, at TP Trailers we also set ourselves apart by manufacturing hydraulic hoses for snow plows.

If your repair shop doesn’t have the parts you need in stock, it can sideline you for several days. That’s why we maintain a large product inventory in our repair shop to facilitate quicker repairs, which translates to less waiting time for our customers.

We service a full range of snow removal equipment, including:

  • Straight plows
  • V-plows
  • Snow pushers
  • Salt spreaders

Although we service almost all brands of snow equipment, we specialize in the following brands:

  • Snow Ex — Straight Plows and Salt Spreaders
  • Snow Dogg V-Plows, Straight Plows
  • Fisher — Salt Spreaders
  • Hi-Way — Straight Plows
  • Blizzard — Plows
  • ScoopDogg — Snow Pushers
  • Pro-Tech — Snow Pushers
  • SaltDogg — Salt Spreaders

Our large inventory means that you can get back on the road sooner rather than later. Contact us with specific questions about your snow equipment repair needs!

Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers

TP Trailers is one of the few snow plow repair shops that also serves as a hydraulic hose manufacturer. This crucial capability sets us apart from our competitors.

As you know, the hydraulic hoses allow you to control and properly angle your plow. This is one of the most crucial components of your plow — and one of the components most susceptible to damage. Hydraulic hoses often rupture as a result of the plow striking a curb or another solid obstacle. If your hydraulic hoses are damaged, your plow will cease to function, which can mean sitting out an entire snow storm.

As a manufacturer of hydraulic hoses, we can create the hoses your plow requires on right there on the spot. Other shops without this capability need to order the hydraulic hoses to your plow’s specifications. When we fabricate hydraulic hoses for your individual plow, we can have you back on the road in a matter of a few short hours. The alternative can leave you waiting for several days. You can trust the TP Trailers team to handle all of your snow plow maintenance needs!

snow equipment parts including a hydraulic hose

24 Hour Snow Plow Repair during Snow Storms

We know that when the snow is falling, you need to be out on the roads — or else you’re losing money. That’s why our repair shop is open for emergency repairs and maintenance around the clock during winter storm conditions. If your equipment breaks before a big storm, you don’t have to sit it out. Give us a call and we’ll meet you at the shop. You can be on your way in no time, fulfilling your contract.

Few other repair shops or dealers can offer you the level of service and the convenience like TP Trailers. Not only do we do more than our competitors, we make it more convenient to get the service you need. Contact us today to schedule your repair or to get more information.

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