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Custom Storage Containers

Custom Storage Containers for Sale

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment we provide the storage solutions that solve real problems for our clients on the job site every day. While most businesses and contractors have fairly simple storage needs, occasionally, a client will request something unique. In these cases, we offer custom storage containers for sale that are suited to their individual needs. See some examples of the custom cargo containers we’ve built for clients throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey:

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Custom Storage Containers For Sale

Storage Container by TP Trailers

custom made storage container

custom built containers for storage

custom portable storage container

storage container with custom features

custom container by TP Trailers

custom commercial storage container

custom storage unit

Inside of Custom Storage Container

custom storage container interior

storage container from the inside

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Most Common Custom Shipping Container Options

The most common custom options we include are ones that make the container more accessible for a variety of heavy equipment or that make the container more apt to store different specialty materials.

For example, we often include additional doors of ways to access the container, including allowing forklifts to drive into it. Some of the most requested touches like this include double doors, roll-up garage doors, and ramps.

Storage containers are used to house a variety of different materials based on the different industries that make use of them. This can lead to different custom requirements that we are able to satisfy. Some of the most in-demand custom touches we build for storage include pipe racks, which are needed in new home builds, and custom shelving which helps stores house merchandise before it can be stocked.

In addition, for custom units that we sell, we can paint and brand a custom cargo container with your logo or a design. This can be important for stores that have the container in a place where customers will see it.

If you have a custom upgrade needed for your conex box and you don’t see it here, we recommend calling our team. Chances are, if we haven’t done it yet, its just because we haven’t had a customer ask for it yet. Describe the custom work you need — and we’ll be able to tell you if its doable and what it’ll cost.

Custom Office Containers

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment we are also known for offering the mobile office containers that make the job site more comfortable and more efficient. As is the case with our storage boxes, we are able to outfit our offices with the custom touches that meet your exact needs. Some of our most requested custom office container additions include:

  • Electric Heat
  • Air Conditioning
  • LED Lighting
  • Easy-Clean Fiberglass Walls
  • Shelves — Like any other type of office, TP Trailers’ units come with shelving.
  • 6-Foot Fold-Up Planning Table it.
  • Writing/Computer Desk
  • File Cabinets
  • Smoke Alarm/CO2 Alarm Combo

These add-ons are generally requested to make the office more usable for crucial project planning steps or to make the mobile office feel as comfortable as your traditional one.
In addition to all of these added benefits, we also offer combination units in a variety of sizes that feature half storage space and half office space. Our mobile office solutions are versatile enough to meet almost anyone’s needs. Just like we say about the custom storage containers, if you don’t see the accessories you need, ask us and we’ll build it for you.

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One of the ways that TP Trailers distinguishes ourselves is that we offer delivery included with all of our storage containers, customize or otherwise. While many companies prefer to upcharge delivery, we include because we know that proper delivery, performed by skilled drivers is essential to getting the most out of your container.

Whether you need a custom container for a construction project or to sit outside of your store, you can have the unique storage solution you need — delivered at an affordable price. Contact us today to request your FREE quote and to ask about all of your custom options.

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