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Modified Storage Containers: Most Common Options

Shipping containers have always been the go-to solution to keep important materials secure and protected from the elements. That’s why they’ve been a fixture for many industries, including construction, retail, medical, and more. In recent years, savvy business owners, managers, and foremen have been using modified storage containers to work smarter — that’s what we’re highlighting today.

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we offer a wide range of stock storage containers for sale and rent. In addition, our fabrication shop builds numerous modified storage containers for our clients. By outfitting a container with modifications tailored to your needs, you make your site and work more efficient. Keep reading to see the most common shipping container conversions and why they make work easier for professionals in many fields.

How Shipping Container Conversions Can Help You Work Smarter

Any piece of high-quality portable storage will provide you a large amount of secure, watertight storage. Custom shipping container conversions let your container be an even better tool to help you when you’re working. These are the most common upgrades we perform and why they help:

custom paint on modified storage container
Custom Paint

Custom Modification: We paint the outside of the container for the simplest of upgrades. In addition, we can have a decal of your logo created and apply it for you prior to delivery.

How This Upgrade Helps: Important for sites or stores where clients will see the container, a fresh coat of paint makes the container look more presentable and can even show off your brand.

shipping container conversion with roll-up doors added
Roll-Up Doors

Custom Modification: Added to the sides of the container, this allows you another way to access your container, and the doors are wide enough for most equipment. They can also be added to the end of a container, or we can do a ‘swing door delete’ and replace it with a roll door, for people who want a door that is easier to open.

How This Upgrade Helps: Modified storage containers with roll-up doors give you another way to access your stuff. This is particularly important when containers are full and getting to the middle or far end may be a difficult challenge. In addition, roll doors can be easier to open than traditional doors.

modified storage container with personnel door added
Personnel Doors

Custom Modification: This door is the right size for a person to use, and one or more can be added throughout the container.

How This Upgrade Helps: Once again, this makes it easier to access the middle of a container quickly and easily. Mobile office containers come standard with this type of door.

storage container conversion allowing electricity into unit
Electrical Package

Custom Modification: This storage container conversion allows electricity into your container, which can be essential for numerous other upgrades we offer.

How This Upgrade Helps: Electricity can make lighting, climate control, power tool charging stations and much more available to your container. This is a must-have for a mobile office.

modified storage container with hanging pipe brackets
Hanging Pipe Brackets and Hanging Shelf Racks

Custom Modification: This shipping container conversion installs brackets that hang from the roof of the unit. These brackets are designed to store the length of pipe most commonly used in construction.

How This Upgrade Helps: Without this modification, storing pipe can prove to be difficult. In addition, when left outside on construction sites, copper pipes are a target for theft.

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shipping container conversion with stationary shelving added
Stationary Shelving

Custom Modification: A versatile modified storage container option, this adds storage shelves to the inside of the container and keeps material off the ground.

How This Upgrade Helps: This can be used to store almost anything from documents, to merchandise, to construction materials.

modified storage container with climate control
Climate Control

Custom Modification: One of the more advanced shipping container conversions, this includes everything from air conditioning and baseboard heaters to full insulation.

How This Upgrade Helps: Maintaining the temperature in a container can be essential for storing perishable products or materials. Some customers get climate control options for paper and file storage, archive space, and more.

shipping container conversion with led lighting installed

Custom Modification: We can install a wide range of different LED lighting options throughout the container. Once again, an electrical upgrade is a pre-requisite to this.

How This Upgrade Helps: Having ample lighting makes it easier to find what you’re looking for in your container in a timely fashion.

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modified storage container with louvered vents

Custom Modification: This shipping container conversion involves adding louvered vents to the side of the container or WhirlyBird turbine vents to the roof.

How This Upgrade Helps: Adding vents to a container removes heat, limits moisture, and reduces any smell from machinery being stored.

shipping container conversion with partition walls built inside
Partition Walls

Custom Modification: Used in office / storage combos or plain storage containers, this modification involves building full height walls in the container to separate the unit into multiple sections.

How This Upgrade Helps: This upgrade helps with keeping a storage unit organized — and keeps an office feeling private in a combination unit.

modified storage container with a slide window

Custom Modification: The windows we add to the sides of containers can come with options like security screens and/or the ability to slide a window open.

How This Upgrade Helps: Windows can provide your container with natural light, which may help illuminate your storage or office space. Additionally, a sliding window can allow the container to serve as a ‘drive-thru.’

shipping container conversion with custom ramp
Custom Ramps

Custom Modification: We offer custom ramps that can be used for walking as well as heavy-duty ramps that are used by forklifts. In addition, these custom ramps come with fork pockets so they can be moved from place to place by forklifts.

How This Upgrade Helps: This add-on is all about making access into your modified storage container easier for both people and for the equipment being stored.

These are just some of the options we provide in our modified storage containers. If you have questions about something else that you don’t see listed here, just ask — and we’ll work to make it happen for you.

Other Benefits of Partnering with TP for Your Storage Needs

Unlike many other companies that provide shipping container conversion, at TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we do the upgrades in-house at our fabrication shop. Since we don’t outsource to a third party, you get a better price and a faster turnaround time. In addition, you can talk directly to the people doing the work for you — rather than just hoping the third-party company gets it right. Other reasons that people prefer working with TP is that we include delivery with our units and that we offer a quality guarantee.

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Get Your Modified Storage Container Quote

When you’re ready to take the next step, our experienced team is here to help. Whether you want to discuss the custom modifications you need — or you simply want a modified storage container quote — we have the answer. Reach out today to start the conversation and to get pricing!

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