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What to Expect from a Custom Fabrication Shop

custom fabrication shop

Custom fabrication shops do essential work for professionals in a wide variety of fields. From upfitting a truck with a utility body for a municipality, to supporting plow professionals, and modifying trailers for construction — we do it all.

When looking for the truck body fabrication or other equipment shop that you’ll rely on, you’re looking for a mix of quality, equipment and customer service. To help make finding your local shop easier, we’re highlighting the five traits you should expect from any full custom fabrication shop. Read more to get informed about what separates an elite shop from an average competitor — or reach out now to get your fabrication or upfitting quote.

5 Traits of Expert Full Custom Fabrication

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we have a full custom fabrication shop on our premises along with our large sales lot and showroom. We strive to make our shop one of the best in the business, and these are the five requirements you should demand from your local custom fabrication shop:

  1. Able to Do Precision Work — Precise and quality work is essential for any upfitting application. This should include everything from the look of metalworking to the clean way the wiring is handled. At our shop, we strive to make all of our work look clean and professional like it was a part of the original design.
  2. Has a Plasma Cutting Table & Other Key Equipment — You should only work with a local fabrication shop that has an in-house plasma cutting table and other key equipment. A plasma cutter is essential as it allows fabricators to build custom parts for use in situations where stock parts won’t work. If a fabrication shop doesn’t have a plasma cutter in house, they’ll have to outsource the work, which will make the project more expensive and take longer. In addition to the plasma cutter, a full custom fabrication shop should have a press brake, a shear, an iron worker, and saws to cut metal.
  3. Able to Offer Priority Scheduling — There’s no question that downtime is expensive. Sometimes, you need your fabrication done ASAP. In these cases, it’s important to have access to full custom fabrication that offers a quick turnaround. That’s a priority at TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, and in most cases, we have an experienced group of fabricators and the set up to perform emergency work.
  4. Skilled at User-Friendly Upfitting — When having more complicated fabrication or upfitting done, it is important to work with a custom truck fabrication team that builds user-friendly interfaces. This relates to the controls the drivers use to operate the machinery added onto the truck body.
  5. Communicate with Customers — Like any other professional service, a custom fabrication shop needs to be able to listen to your needs and offer custom services to build what works. Good communication ensures that you’ll have the work done that matches your exact needs. Items such as cab controls, hitches, tarps, and special body options can vary greatly even in the same industry, which is why communication is so crucial from a custom truck body fabrication shop.

See and learn about some of our custom truck bodies.

Custom Truck Body Fabrication and Much More

TP Trailers & Truck Equipment’s custom fabrication shop offers all five of those essential traits that makes us an easy choice for Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. We are known for our custom truck body fabrication and numerous other services. Learn more about them:

full custom fabrication

Truck Bodies — Some of our most common custom truck body fabrication includes work for the fast-growing junk hauling industry. Affectionately called junk bodies, these bodies are specially built and designed to service the junk removal business with specific size and volume.

Snow Removal — To support the snow removal industry, we create frames that hold a salt or brine spreader. In addition, we also fabricate new hydraulic hoses to replace damaged hydraulic hoses which can stop your plow dead in its tracks.

Trailers — The most common custom fabrication for the trailer industry involves making custom tongues to match trucks. We also have a track record of building custom trailers.

Containers — For containers, our fabricators primarily handle the shipping container modifications that are used for custom office and storage containers. For office containers these modifications include: double wide containers, roll-up doors, windows, personnel doors, climate control, built-in shelving, built-in file cabinets, custom paint and much more.

Connect with Our Local Custom Fabrication Shop

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we’re dedicated to helping both businesses and homeowners with all of their equipment needs. The fabrication shop is just one of many ways we do that. If you know what you need and you’re ready for a quote — or you have questions about our capabilities — we can help. Reach out to our full custom fabrication shop to discuss your project and get pricing.

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