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Landscape & Chipper Bodies

Landscape Truck Beds for Sale

Finding the right landscaping body for your truck all depends on what services you need it for. The landscape or chipper body you use for mulch isn’t necessarily the one you want to move tons of stone. T.P. Trailers & Truck Equipment has a qualified team of professionals that understands the needs of the everyday landscaper. When there are lawns to cut, and weather to beat, you need a landscape truck body that will help you get the job done quickly and easily.

landscape truck body

Martin Truck Bodies, Inc is a manufacturer of high-quality truck bodies.  These heavy-duty beds are constructed from high-grade aluminum and are available in MP Landscape Body options. These bodies are built to withstand rugged conditions and will last for years to come. If you are tired of the northeast’s brutal salt conditions ruining the paint on your steel truck body, this all-aluminum line is the solution.

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Choosing the Right Landscape Truck Body for You

We’re here to help you choose which landscaping body is going to get the job done. We have an array of truck bodies that will increase your productivity because the bed and body is built for the task at hand. Gone are the days of hours in the grueling heat loading and unloading your truck bed manually when you choose a hydraulic body lift kit. Take advantage of modern day technology that will make your job easier, and more importantly, financially lucrative with all of the time you will be saving. Contact us at T.P. Trailers & Equipment to get the right Landscape body or chipper body fitted to your truck today!