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Storage Containers for Rent

Storage Container Rentals in PA, MD, DE & NJ

TP Trailers offers storage on-site container rentals in multiple sizes and for different uses — all of which can be customized with a variety of interior options. These shipping containers for both land and sea are built from steel and are crucial to multiple industries like construction and retail for adequate delivery. Every year we have thousands of shipping containers for rent come in and out of our lot in Limerick, Pennsylvania. These portable on-site storage containers are used by customers all over the East Coast from Pennsylvania and Maryland, to Delaware and New Jersey.

Storage Pod Rentals: Where & When You Need It

With many portable storage containers for rent on our lot, we are sure to have what you need regardless of the job. A Conex box rental is a popular solution to safely store shipments of merchandise that can’t yet be shelved. Finding the appropriate size for your on-site storage container rental is important, fortunately, we have several sizes for you to choose from: 8’ x 20’, 8’ x 24’ and 8’ x 40’ are standard on our lot. You can call our rental agent for pricing, availability and the custom storage containers we have for rent, today!

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8’ x 20’ Conex Containers

Our 8’X20’ storage containers, are a great solution for your smaller storage needs. As are all of our units, these storage container rentals are wind and water-tight with easy to open doors and latches. These containers are secure, lockable, and great for temporary storage. With dozens of uses, these Conex containers are great for construction material, retail storage, residential, commercial storage, document storage and equipment storage. We also offer shelf racks and pipe racks for rent to keep your storage container organized.

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8’ x 40’ Conex Containers Rental

The 8’X40’ storage container rental is another perfect way for you to take care of all of your storage needs. With easy to use doors and latches, these containers for rent are weather resistant to assure your stored items are safe from the elements.

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8’ x 24’ Containers for Rent

Our 8’ X 24’ storage boxes are perfect for storing pipe and other material that is larger than 20’ in length. These units are typically rented for pipe storage at construction sites. These units come with a roll door on one end. Pipe racks and shelf racks are available to help organize space.

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Top Choice for Storage Units for Rent on the East Coast

We understand that you’re looking for security and reliability when you’re searching for on-site storage containers for rent. With TP Trailers, we’ll help you protect your investments. These portable storage container rentals will keep your products safe from the wind and rain. It’s important to you and your business, which means it’s important to ours.

Contact us today to learn more about our Conex box rentals and discover how you can rent a container today!