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Snow Plows

Snow Plows for Sale

Snow removal can be a big business and we understand that! Whether you are in need of service or parts, we will have your back! We have plows for many uses, whether it is commercial or residential use, we have a unit ideal for your needs. We have snow plows in stock from some of the top manufacturers, and are reasonably priced. Our snow plows can handle light, medium and heavy duty work and offer features like hydraulic wing extensions and power-hitch attachment systems. Stop by today and browse our selection of snow plows.

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SnowDogg Snow Plows and attachments

SnowDogg has the best selection and the reputation for excellence that you have come to expect. SnowDogg by Buyers has years of knowledge and experience to give you the very best plow. With many makes, models, and styles, you won’t want to settle for anything less.

  • SnowDogg® MD68II – 6’8”
  • SnowDogg® MD68II – 7’6”
  • SnowDogg® MD68II – 8’
  • SnowDogg® MD68II – 6’8”
  • SnowDogg® MD68II – 8’
  • SnowDogg® MD68II – 7’6”
  • SnowDogg® HD75II – 7’6”
  • SnowDogg® HD80II – 8’
  • SnowDogg® EX75II – 7’6”
  • SnowDogg® EX80II – 8’
  • SnowDogg® EX85II – 8’6”
  • SnowDogg® EX90II – 9’
  • SnowDogg® VMD75II V-Plow – 7’6”
  • SnowDogg® TE75II – 7’6”
  • SnowDogg® TE80II – 8’
  • SnowDogg® TE90II – 9’
  • SnowDogg® VXF85 V-Plow – 8’6”
  • SnowDogg® VXF95 V-Plow – 9’6
  • SnowDogg® XP810 – 8’10”
  • SnowDogg® CM100 – 10’
  • SnowDogg® MUT60 – 6’
  • SnowDogg® MUT68 – 6’8”
  • SnowDogg® VUT65 – 6’6”
  • SnowDogg® SKTE80 – 7’6”
  • SnowDogg® SKTE90 – 8’
  • SnowDogg® SKTE90 – 9’
  • ScoopDogg® – 8’
  • ScoopDogg® – 10’

– Current stock of SnowDogg® MD68II plows are sold out.  Please call for current pricing on these!

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snow plow

Innovated from years of experience, SnowEx snow plows will make short work of any snow problems you may be facing. When you need to move snow, SnowEx has what you need! Check out our snow plows today and see the difference for yourself.

  • SnowEx 6800LT – 6’8”
  • SnowEx 7200LT – 7’2”
  • SnowEx 7600RD – 7’6”
  • SnowEx 8000RD – 8’
  • SnowEx 7600HD – 7’6”
  • SnowEx 8000HD – 8’
  • SnowEx 8600HD – 8’6”
  • SnowEx 9000HD – 9’
  • SnowEx 8600SW 8’7” Speed Wing
  • SnowEx 8100 Power Plow – expands from 8’ to 10’
  • SnowEx 8611 Power Plow – expands from 8’5” to 11’
  • SnowEx HDV Steel V-Plow – 8’6”
  • SnowEx HDV Steel V-Plow – 9’6”
  • SnowEx HDV Stainless Steel V-Plow – 8’6″
  • SnowEx HDV Stainless Steel V-Plow – 9’6″
  • SnowEx 6’ UTV Straight Blade
  • SnowEx 6’ UTV V-Plow
  • SnowEx 7’6” HD
  • SnowEx 8’ HD
  • SnowEx 8’6” HD
  • SnowEx 9’ HD
  • SnowEx 8’7” Speed Wing
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Fisher Snow Plow

Snow plows come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Fisher has more than enough selection to meet your needs. Let us show you why Fisher is better than all the contenders out there!

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Buyers Municipal snow Plow

When you have snow and ice to worry about, you need snow plows that are reliable and tough. Buyers Municipal Plows are designed with municipalities and commercial users in mind, and are built to withstand tough conditions and keep you moving. See the selection and experience the quality for yourself.

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Blizzard plows are no longer being manufactured. For parts and service please contact us for further assistance.

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Plow Specials

residential and commercial snow plows

SnowDogg/Buyers Products VUT65, UTV V-Plow 78″ Blade Width

Clear campuses, walkways, small parking lots, and driveways by pairing the utility of your UTV with the power of a SnowDogg.

•        Laser-cut steel ribs let you power through heavy, wet snow and ice.

•        Reliable trip edge design helps protect your equipment across varied pavement surfaces and hidden obstacles.

•        Start fast, finish easy with Snowdogg’s Dual Foot Pedal Quick Mount.

•        Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless moldboard with standard ¼ in., abrasion-resistant AR400 steel cutting edge is an investment that lasts.

•        Stack snow high with standard heavy duty lift cylinder and chain.

•        Clear with speed and agility using the 70º attack angle and 1 ½ in. angle cylinders.

•        Get the value you deserve with standard digital in-cab controller and blade guides.


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SnowEx® Skid-Steer Plows

Available in Straight & Winged Bladed

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Get more out of your skid-steer with a SnowEx® Heavy-Duty straight blade snow plow or a versatile SPEEDWING™ snow plow with automatically adjusting mechanical wings. Attaching quickly to any brand or style of skid-steer loader, you can turn another vehicle already in your fleet into a snow removal hero with no additional wiring or controls.

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If you are interested, check out the snow pushers we offer!

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