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Should I Buy a Used Snow Plow?

Buying used — whether it’s a car or a microwave — is often a smart way to beat the marked-up manufacturer price without losing quality or performance. However, there are just some things you really shouldn’t buy used (like mattresses). So, should you buy a snow plow used or are you asking for trouble?

Whether you’re new to the snow removal business or you’re a multi-season veteran, you want to maximize your profit. A big way to do that is to get the best equipment for the best price. However, can you trust a used plow to work for a few winters, or will you spend more time in the repair shop than on the roads?

At TP Trailers, we’ve been selling and repairing snow equipment for years — we’ve pretty much seen it all. Let’s break down the new vs used plow debate — plus, we’ll share the scoop on the best way to get a snow plow discount.

How to Inspect a Used Snow Plow before You Buy

A used snow plow is only a bargain if there’s a lot of life left in it. Unlike buying new, your used plow won’t have a warranty to protect you, so you’ll be left covering the repair bill on your own.

When you’re buying a used snow plow, the main concern is that it’s for sale because that lifespan is used up — and its getting offloaded at your expense. Buying a “lemon” snow plow is a big risk for plow workers who are new to the snow removal business.

used snow plow on road

The biggest thing we can advise is never buy a used plow sight-unseen. If you’re considering buying used, ALWAYS inspect it carefully. Here’s what you’re looking for when inspecting a used snow plow for sale:

Examine the Cutting Edge — The cutting edge of your plow does a big job, so examine it right away. If the edge is in bad shape and needs replaced, that repair will cost you a few hundred dollars right off the bat. If the used plow has a damaged blade, you should move on.

  1. Are the Shoes Missing or Damaged? — While not everyone uses plow shoes, you should still be able to have that choice. Ask to see the plow shoes when you’re considering whether or not to buy.
  2. Look at the Corners — Examine the corners of the plow for dents and damage. The more damage you see on the blade, the more times it hit a curb. Too many dents means it’s time to move on.
  3. Look for Leaking Hydraulic Fluid — Look really closely on the ground beneath the plow. If you see any dripping hydraulic fluid, you should walk away from this “bargain”. Whether the hydraulic fluid is leaking from the cylinder or the hoses, it’ll stop your plow in its tracks.
  4. Examine the Hydraulic Hoses — If the hoses themselves are cracked or the fittings are rusted, it won’t be too long until they start leaking and will send you to the repair shop.
  5. See the Electronics in Action — Even if the plow checks out for external damage, you should still ask to see the plow in action. After all, if it doesn’t work, it’s not exactly like you can return it.
  6. Call Your Truck Dealership BEFORE You Buy — Even if the plow passes all the rest of the tests and you feel good about buying it, make sure it matches your truck EXACTLY. If it doesn’t fit your vehicle or will require serious modification and upfitting time, you’ll end up losing out on the used plow savings.

If the used plow you’re considering passes all of those tests, you can consider buying it. Even still though, there’s a serious risk associated with buying a used plow. That’s why many veteran plowmen only buy new — they just know the best way to get a discount when shopping.

Why to Buy a New Snow Plow

Like we mentioned, in order to ensure your new plow is a good fit for your truck, you need to make sure that the frame, the wiring, and the plow itself are a match with your truck. If you do need to pay to convert the mount controller and wiring, your used plow can end up being as expensive as buying it new.

The other big win that makes new plows attractive is the warranty. The second-hand plow market can’t offer a warranty, and that can be a serious downside. Think about it: when you’re investing in a piece of heavy-duty equipment, you’re going to want it to be backed up by a warranty.

At TP Trailers, we offer a 2-season warranty on every one of our new snow plows for sale.

new snow plow

Summer Snow Plow Discount at TP Trailers

Not only do veteran plow operators know to buy new, they also know the right time to buy to get the best snow plow discounts.

The middle-of-summer is 100% the best time to buy a snow plow. The reason for that is snow plow dealers are sitting on a large inventory of plows that they want to move prior to the start of the winter season buying frenzy.

For example, you can expect to save a few hundred dollars on the plow you want by buying over the summer. This holds true for the vast majority of snow plow dealers — including TP Trailers.

If you’re interested in buying a new plow, this is the perfect time — we’re offering a discount on our entire inventory of snow plows.

Contact us for big snow plow savings!

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