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2023 Snow Plow Maintenance Guide

snow plow maintenance guide

When Jack Frost comes knocking at your door with winter weather chaos, you know that you can count on your snow plow to clear the roads and clean up the mess. But your snow plow needs proper maintenance to be ready when cold conditions strike.

That’s why TP Trailers has written this snow plow maintenance checklist to walk you through how to keep your snow plow in optimal condition and when to bring it into the repair shop. TP Trailers has more than 70 years of dealer and service experience with truck bodies, trailers, and snow plows.

Read on to learn more about our snow plow maintenance checklist or schedule a service appointment for snow plow troubleshooting at our repair shop today.

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The Mid-Season Snow Plow Maintenance Checklist

Snow plow maintenance helps keep your plow on the road while protecting other drivers and yourself in potentially dangerous driving conditions.

Our mid-season snow plow maintenance checklist will walk you through the steps of inspecting your equipment:

  • Inspect connections: You should examine all of your connections, including fasteners, battery terminals, and mounting points. It’s key to making sure all of the connections are free of cracks, chips, corrosion, or any signs of wear.
  • Tighten bolts: It’s also important to schedule time to regularly inspect the bolts and springs on your plow throughout the season to prevent your plow from falling.
  • Repaint metal: Over time, exposure to salt and water can cause metal oxidization and rust. It’s recommended that your plow has a powder coating to protect the metal from salty water and you should be sure to repair or touch up your metal surfaces with paint as needed.
  • Inspect headlights: Like any vehicle, it’s also essential that you inspect your plow headlights regularly for alignment and to spot dim or burned-out bulbs.

Sometimes preventive snow plow maintenance isn’t enough when you run into a problem. That’s where snow plow troubleshooting insights from the professionals here at TP Trailers can help.

Snow Plow Troubleshooting for Common Problems


Breakdowns can happen at any time in your snow and ice control career. That’s why you need to be prepared for what Mother Nature might throw at you with these snow plow troubleshooting tips:

  • Motor issues: Start by performing a pressure test. Then, test your voltage and coil connection. You should also check your filters and replace anything that appears clogged or dirty.
  • Blade problems: If you are not able to raise or lower your blade, start by examining your hose for leaks or damage. Then, clean your solenoid valve and check your pump pressure.
  • Plow trouble: if you can’t raise or lower your plow, check your electrical wiring. You should also inspect your hydraulic fluid level and pump pressure.
  • Hydraulic leakage: If you have an internal leak, inspect your piston seals to find the leak. You can also look for worn control valves to see if your plow has cylinder creep. If you have an external leak, check your rod bushing seals, exterior pump, O-ring, oil intake line, and cylinder for seal issues. It’s key to identifying any signs of seal softening or damage on your parts.

Do you think you need professional help with snow plow troubleshooting? There’s no need to worry because TP Trailers has your back. We have a full-service repair shop with snow plow specialists for those times when you need a helping hand. Schedule a snow plow maintenance appointment now to get started!

Choose TP Trailers for a Snow Plow Dealer Near You

TP Trailers is a family-owned business with more than seven decades of experience helping customers find the right truck bodies, trailers, and snow removal equipment with superior sales and service.

TP Trailers offers a handpicked selection of snow plows for sale from brand names you trust, like SnowDogg, Snowex Snowplows, and more. We’ve also got your back with full-service snow plow troubleshooting and repair on straight plows, v-plows, snow pushers, and salt spreaders. Our team has a large product inventory in our repair shop for quick repairs on your snow plow maintenance checklist when you need us most.

Searching for a snow equipment dealer near you? You’ve come to the right place! Contact us online today to find your snow plow or schedule a full-service repair. We want to get to know your wants and needs so that we can offer you personalized hassle-free pricing and service.

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