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When is the Best Time to Buy a Snow Plow?

best time to buy a snow plow

If you’re up for the hard work, plowing snow could become a rock-solid side income over the winter months. Since the biggest investment for most people is the plow itself, getting the best deal on it makes your first year even more profitable. That’s why many prospective plow owners wonder when is the best time to buy a snow plow. Simply put, you’ll almost always get the best snow plow price over the summer due to the number of sales going on! That’s because almost all major plow dealers have a larger than normal inventory that they want to move during the summer.

TP Trailers & Truck Equipment is no exception. We almost always offer a pre-season sale that features the year’s lowest prices on all of our snow removal equipment. Keep reading to learn more about the best time to buy a snow plow — and get prices today!

How to Get the Best Snow Plow Price

A well-built plow that you’ll be able to rely on for several winters to come is key to keeping your overhead low and maximizing your profit. When hunting for the best snow plow price, you don’t want to ever sacrifice quality — instead, you want to shop the sales for the brands you know and trust. While TP Trailers & Truck Equipment offers competitive prices on snow equipment, by far the lowest prices will be found during the summer snow plow sale. Although the price differs per make and model, you can reasonably expect to save a few hundred dollars compared to buying during the fall or the beginning of winter. No question: summer is the best time to buy a snow plow.

Shop Our Snow Plow Sale

Some prospective plow operators who want to limit their initial investment try buying the cheapest used plow they can find online. While you may be able to secure an ultra-low price that way, we’ve seen some serious issues come from this. These are the most common problems we see:

  • Not a Lot of Plow Left — Oftentimes when a used plow is being sold, it’s because it doesn’t have another winter left. Frequently, the blade on a used plow is worn out and the hydraulic hoses are damaged or leaking.
  • Is Wrong for Your Truck — When you buy a plow from a plow dealer, you have a knowledgeable salesperson confirm that it’s a good fit for your truck. When you buy from a private party, you’re rolling the dice.
  • Can Be Less User-Friendly — If you’re new to the plowing business, generally a more streamlined straight blade plow is the right choice. When you buy from a company with a huge inventory, their experts can work with you to find the perfect option. When you buy an ultra-cheap plow from the internet, what they have in stock is what you get.

Learn more about V-plows vs. straight plows.

How TP Trailers & Truck Equipment Helps Snow Removal Businesses

While we know that the best snow plow price will be a major factor in your decision, we also encourage you to consider the importance of starting a relationship with a local equipment company like us. Right off the bat, our informed plow salespeople can help you find the right fit for your budget, the job you need to do, and your truck.

On top of that, we have a full-service repair and fabrication shop that stays open 24/7 during snow emergencies. That means we’re there to provide you on-the-spot repairs and maintenance if you need them. For example, if you hit a curb and rupture your hydraulic hoses — something even experienced drivers do — we can fabricate more of them for you right away. If your hydraulic hoses burst and you don’t have a dedicated shop to work with, you won’t be able to finish the job.

snow plow price

Summer is the Best Time to Buy a Snow Plow — Shop Now!

Now you know when the best time to buy a plow is — right now during the summer! So, if you’re ready to lock in the year’s lowest price, reach out right now. We have a large inventory of the best plow brands and we can order anything else you need. Don’t wait — reach out right now to lock in the best snow plow price of the year!

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