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Benefits of Manufacturer’s Heavy-Duty Truck Diagnostic Software

When your truck — or one of your trucks — throws an error code, you want to get it examined, fixed, and back on the road as soon as possible. Every day a semi-truck or heavy-duty truck sits, somebody is losing money. You need your truck error code remedied as quickly as possible.

That’s why it is critical for fleet managers to build a relationship with a commercial truck service center that invests in manufacturer specific truck diagnostic software. Official manufacturer software allows heavy truck mechanics to find the issue faster and have access to manufacturer-specific diagnostic trees to fix complex issues.

At TP Trailers, we boast a full-service fabrication and truck service center — complete with manufacturer diagnostic tools like Cummins insite, Eaton service ranger, and Gm tech 2. Read our blog to learn why you need to insist on a repair shop with the right software — and to see what we can do for you.

Explore TP Trailers’ Truck Diagnostic Software

Nobody would argue that the right equipment is needed to do a job right. The best commercial diagnostic tools are one of those tools. They let us work faster, more accurately, and tackle more obscure issues.

While TP Trailers is an independent dealer not affiliated with any specific manufacturer, we have factory specific software that diagnoses around 95% of truck engines on the road today. These are some of the diagnostic tools we use every day:

  • Cat et
  • Cummins insite
  • D.D diagnostic link
  • Premium tech tool
  • Allison
  • Eaton service ranger
  • Ford IDS
  • Gm tech 2

Investing in this wide variety of software is just one of the things that separates the TP Trailers’ service center from a mom and pop shop. Here’s how we see that our software makes a difference every day.

commercial truck repaired using diagnostic tools

Benefits of Manufacturer Specific Truck Diagnostic Tools

There’s a big difference between our software and a code reader you can pick up at Wal-Mart — trust us, if it was that cheap and simple we would have gone there ourselves. The advanced commercial truck diagnostic software we use, like Cummins insite or Gm tech 2, is made by truck, part, or transmission manufacturers to provide the best diagnosis for professional mechanics.

The first crucial benefit of our manufacturer software is that it can save time on diagnosis and repair. These diagnostic softwares don’t just explain the error code — but they also provide our technicians with a diagnostic tree from the manufacturer. That diagnostic tree provides a list and explanation of the most common causes and treatments for the issue.

Essentially, this software takes the guesswork out of identifying — and remedying — the issue. Without this manufacturer information, other commercial truck mechanics would be left Googling the problem and hoping for the best. Since you lose money every day your truck is in the shop and off the road, you want to make sure your diagnosis and repair is as quick as possible.

The other major benefit of a repair shop investing in official diagnostic software is that they won’t get stuck on even the most obscure problems. Since we invest in official software, we have a direct contact to the manufacturer’s technical department. Even though our technicians have decades of experience repairing commercial trucks, sometimes an obscure problem can stump even the best.

In those rare cases, we go right to the manufacturer and get the answer. Once again, our mission is about getting your truck or your fleet back on the road as soon as possible.

Schedule a Repair

Start a Relationship with the TP Trailers Commercial Truck Service Center

commercial trucks repaired by service center in Limerick PA

Our decades of commercial truck experience and software, like Cummins insite and Eaton service ranger, makes us a great partner for all of your commercial truck service needs.

In addition to having the experience and the skill, we value our relationships with our customers. If your truck is out of commission and it’s costing you, we have a large enough team to service your vehicle as quickly and completely as possible.

Whether you need to schedule maintenance or want to learn more about our service center, contact us today.

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