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Commercial Truck Service Department: Explore the TP Trailers Service Facility

At TP Trailers, we’re known for providing the expert heavy equipment sales and services that companies, contractors, and homeowners depend on. Our commercial truck service department stands out as a crucial part of that mission. We help drivers and fleet managers get back on the road quicker — and stay there.

We’re proud to say that our commercial truck service department has been growing both in terms of skilled technicians and capabilities. Whether you’re new to the TP service department or we’ve been your partner for a while, we want to introduce you to our full suite of truck repair and maintenance services.

Discover everything our truck service team can do — and how it can help your business!

What Our Commercial Truck Service Facility Can Do for You

Located at the TP Trailers complex in Limerick, our truck service department serves individuals and fleets throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and more! Whether you’re a single operator or the manager of a truck fleet, we can provide you the support you need to keep you on the road and prevent costly breakdowns.

Our service center employs a full team of truck mechanics to diagnose issues, fix them quickly, and provide crucial preventative maintenance. In addition, we also have a dedicated crew of fabrication technicians to upfit and customize your work trucks.

Here’s the full list of services we provide:

  • State Inspection — We are a PA state inspection station that is more than happy to serve you, whether you have one work truck or a whole fleet. Getting your inspections at the same place where you have your service performed helps us establish a history with your vehicles.
  • Emissions Tests — The TP Trailers truck service facility can perform required emissions tests for commercial vehicles that keep them legal on the road. Our large team ensures you don’t lose much time waiting for an appointment with a smaller shop.
  • Preventative Maintenance — We can hunt for the common and uncommon signs of a potential issue. Whether the issue is large-scale like your transmission or smaller like wiring, we can find and fix the issues before you lose time off the road.
  • Brake System Repairs — Brake systems are a complicated issue that can plague heavy-duty commercial trucks and pickups. Let our truck repair specialists find and fix your break issues to keep you safe on the roads.
  • Transmission Repairs — Our commercial truck service technicians have relationships with and have learned from the manufacturers of the most common truck transmissions.
  • Manufacturer Computer Diagnostics — The TP Trailers commercial repair facility uses manufacturer-specific software instead of generic software. This allows us to follow the official diagnostic trees specific to manufacturers, making the repairs quicker.
  • Full-Service Truck Repairs — Our commercial truck mechanics have decades of experience performing a wide variety of repairs, including AC repairs, transmission repairs, full engine repairs, and more.
  • Custom Fabrication — In addition to fixing and maintaining commercial vehicles, we also have a team of custom fabricators who can upfit your vehicles to meet your specific needs. Learn more about our custom fabrication services.

Contact Our Commercial Truck Service Facility Today

Starting a relationship with a commercial truck service facility near you is crucial. Not only can it ensure you get the maintenance you need, but it can also ensure that we understand your fleet and your specific needs.

As a large and independent facility, we service all makes and models of work trucks and semi-trucks. In addition, our large staff and facility gives us the ability to serve large corporate clients with needs for bulk inspection or maintenance. Finally, when you call our truck service center, you can feel confident that you’ll be able to speak to a knowledgeable party right away. We not only want to provide expert service but make it as convenient as possible for our customers as well.

Need to schedule service or want to start the conversation with the TP Trailers commercial truck service facility? Contact us today.

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