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Hauling Trailer FAQ: What is a Gooseneck Trailer?

what is a gooseneck trailer

Gooseneck Trailers come in many different shapes, sizes and configurations. Goosenecks can be equipment trailers, horse trailers, campers, enclosed cargo trailers, enclosed race trailers, dump trailers, etc.

In our blog today, the professionals here at T.P. Trailers will break down common FAQ’s like “What is a gooseneck trailer?” and “What does a gooseneck trailer look like?” We will also go over some of the differences between a gooseneck and a fifth wheel.

Ready to explore the best gooseneck trailers and how they can help you haul your cargo? Look no further than TP Trailers. Keep reading to learn more about gooseneck trailers or contact us online now to discuss gooseneck trailers for sale.

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What Does a Gooseneck Trailer Look Like?

So, what does a Gooseneck trailer look like and where did it get its unique name? The gooseneck trailer gets its name from the hitch, named after the distinct arched ‘neck’ section like the graceful bird. A Gooseneck trailer will attach in the bed of a truck, instead of underneath the rear bumper. It will either connect to a ‘ball’ mounted in the bed or a ‘fifth wheel head’ mounted in the bed of the truck, depending on the kind of coupler the trailer has.

Generally speaking, a gooseneck trailer will be longer and wider than most ‘bumper pull’ trailers. Gooseneck trailers also offer a greater GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) than bumper pull trailers, making them a very popular choice among ‘hot shot’ drivers. Hot shot loads are usually smaller than semi-loads, that fit on smaller trailers and can be pulled by smaller trucks, making a gooseneck trailer a perfect choice for someone with a lighter duty truck such as a one ton or bigger. These loads are generally too small to be cost effective for a larger tractor-trailer to haul them. This opens up many opportunities for hot shot drivers.

More benefits of the gooseneck trailer include tighter turning radius, increased length and weight carrying capacity, better towing and it is easier backing up!


Gooseneck vs. Fifth Wheel: What’s the Right Hitch for You?

Most Gooseneck trailers can also be configured with a Fifth Wheel. If you are purchasing a new trailer, you have the option choose the hitch that is right for your setup.

Most trailer manufacturers offer both options. It’s best to check with your salesperson for details such as weight carrying capacity for both kinds of couplers, before making your decision. It also depends on what type of hitch your truck has. Pickup trucks, for example, can either have a gooseneck ball coupler or fifth wheel hitch. Some larger trucks only have the fifth wheel hitch. In that case, you would opt for the ‘king pin’ option, which would allow the trailer to be hooked up to a fifth wheel instead of the gooseneck ball coupler

gooseneck vs fifth wheel

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Whether you’re in the agriculture, construction or transportation industries, a gooseneck trailer can be a valuable investment to transport cargo securely.

T.P. Trailers offers trailers built with high-quality materials and components designed to withstand heavy use and rough terrain. We also provide maintenance and repair services from knowledgeable technicians so that you can have peace of mind that your trailer will remain in top condition.

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