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Why to Choose a Hooklift Truck Body System

Hooklift truck bodies are a crucial tool for use in a variety of industries. These detachable body systems mount on your truck chassis and feature a hydraulically operated hooklift arm that actually hooks and lifts the body on the chassis, which is where they get their name from.

These hooklift truck body systems are popular in a variety of industries ranging from waste removal and landscaping to mining because of the system’s versatility. The hooklift hoist can haul numerous types of truck bodies or containers. This allows one truck to perform the duties that were once reserved for a whole fleet of vehicles all supported by the heavy-duty hydraulic hoist.

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Hooklift Stats

These medium-duty to heavy-truck bodies offer both versatility and access to a powerful hydraulic hoist system. These are the key facts and numbers to consider when deciding whether to budget for one of these pieces of equipment:

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Most Popular Industries for a Hooklift

hooklift truck system

Since hooklift truck systems maximize hoisting capacity, they are generally favored in industries that will make use of the ability to tackle heavier work. They also boast versatility similar to other increasingly popular detachable truck body systems used in the medium duty commercial industries.

As a result of their range of capacity, the most popular industries for hooklift systems are:

However, due to the versatility that allows hooklift systems to utilize many truck bodies, they are also popular for municipalities that want to stretch their budget by getting a full fleet of use out of a single heavy-truck. In addition, by making use of one truck for ALL of your needs, regardless of how light or heavy, your organization can trim maintenance and registration costs.

Generally, landscaping contractors prefer to use lighter-duty hooklifts as they don’t often take advantage of the heaviest hydraulic hoists. However, these systems are still popular in the landscaping industry, as are numerous interchangeable hooklift bodies that can make work easier and maximize the value of a single truck. Some of the most popular choices include:

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