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The Best Intro Switch-N-Go Bodies: For Public and Private Needs

Public or private sector, if you work in grounds/roads maintenance or facilities management, you know that time is money. You need to do more work in less time than ever before — and you need to wear more hats than ever, too. One month, you might spend the majority of your time prepping for snow and clearing the roads, while the next month your days might be dominated by trimming historic trees along main streets. Since you are expected to do it all, isn’t it time for your equipment to do the same thing?

That’s the philosophy behind the Switch-N-Go line of truck bodies built by Deist Industries Inc., of Hadley, PA. The Switch-N-Go is a detachable truck body system that allows you to convert one midsize truck into a fleet of vehicles, all thanks to the series of detachable bodies. At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we started selling the Switch-N-Go because we saw the potential to help clients work smarter.

If you’re just beginning to look into the Switch-N-Go, this is a great place to start. We’ll give you an introduction to what they do, the best Switch-N-Go bodies to buy first, and we’ll show you how they have saved time and money for people just like you.

Meet the Switch-N-Go

The Switch-N-Go allows one truck to perform the work of an entire fleet. The idea behind this piece of equipment is that by pairing a series of truck bodies onto one reliable work truck you can have access to everything you need — just easier and for less money.

Here are the three main reasons that maintenance teams and facility managers are winning BIG with the Switch-N-Go:

  • Switch-N-Go Saves Money — Since you don’t need to invest in a WHOLE SEPARATE truck to get another function, you save $$$ on your equipment budget. Plus, not having to buy additional trucks means you save on insurance and maintenance. The more jobs you do, and the bigger your fleet needs to be, means the more money you’ll save.
  • Switch-N-Go Is Convenient — Since the truck you know and love is the only truck you’ll need, the Switch-N-Go makes your job easier every single day. Plus, some customers tell us that switching truck bodies is easier than switching trucks.
  • Switch-N-Go Saves Storage Space in Your Facility — Not only do you not need to BUY more trucks, but you won’t need to store them, either. That makes Switch-N-Go a great solution for operators who rent garage space to store their equipment.

Isuzu Switch-N-Go truck body

Variety of Switch-N-Go Bodies

Since Switch-N-Go is meant to do the work of an entire fleet, it needs a wide variety of bodies to make that happen. TP Trailers & Truck Equipment sells the following bodies:

Best Switch-N-Go Bodies to Buy First

Switch-N-Go chipper body used by landscapers to trim trees

Every business or municipality is different. Their pressing needs and the equipment that they have now determine where to start when upgrading to Switch-N-Go. For example, if your company just invested in a standalone flatbed truck last year, a platform body is not going to be on your list.

However, we’ve seen that the most popular bodies to buy first are ones that can be used for multiple functions — or ones that solve an expensive problem that just about everyone has.

Some of the best first bodies are:

Truck Body Upfitter serving South Central PA and Beyond

Switch-N-Go bodies used for truck upfitting

Want to get the benefits of your own Switch-N-Go? We’re the truck upfitting team to call. We are one of the largest and most knowledgeable Switch-N-Go body dealers on the East Coast — and we can help you today!

Whether you want to get a quote for your Switch-N-Go, want to see the traditional truck bodies we sell, or want to get some more information, we’re the team to call.

Contact us today!

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