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How a Toolbox Truck Body Helps You Work Smarter

Chances are good that if you’re a contractor or tradesman, your truck is one of the pieces of equipment you rely on every day. You can get even more out of your truck by upfitting it with a toolbox truck body — a service body with built-in storage containers. This upgrade is a key way you can work smarter and more efficiently on almost any job.

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we are the headquarters for all of your commercial and work truck needs. We work with countless industries by offering a wide range of truck body upgrades as well as the crucial maintenance to keep your truck road-worthy. Keep reading to learn about how a toolbox truck body will help you work more efficiently — or reach out to our team right now to get your quote!

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Benefits of Tool Boxes for Service Trucks

Toolboxes for service trucks provide ample storage, and can be customized to exactly how you’ll use it. Adding these toolboxes turns your work truck into a mini-mobile warehouse — the convenience this creates can pay off more than you’d ever expect. These are some of the key advantages that make toolbox truck bodies so popular among contractors:

  1. Better Productivity — First and foremost, a toolbox truck body allows you to bring everything you’ll need with you to every job. This saves you time, by eliminating running back and forth for equipment and supplies.
  2. Stay Organized — Since you’ll select the tool box design for your service truck based on how you’ll use them, you’ll know where each individual tool is located in your truck. That means no more rummaging and trying to remember where you left anything.

    Learn more about the traits of the best service bodies.
  3. Keep Tools Safe — By having a secure place for your hand tools, power tools, and equipment, you’re keeping them safe during transportation. We can build custom racks or attachments to keep potentially fragile tools safe during travel.
  4. Never Forget Tools — This advantage of tool boxes for service trucks is one we’d definitely classify as working smarter. If you make loading your truck’s toolboxes a part of your daily routine, you basically eliminate the chance of ever showing up to a job missing something.
  5. Security — Having a toolbox truck body keeps your equipment more secure as the sturdy boxes themselves lock. Plus, unlike with a loose toolbox sitting in the back of your truck, a thief can’t just pick it up and run off with it.
  6. Make a Good Impression — This depends on your customer base, but we’ve heard that some B2B and home contractors say that they’ve earned compliments from their clients for being so organized — and having everything they need on hand to get the job done.
  7. Countless Custom Options — We begin our discussion with you by listing the many options available for customizing the size, number, and placement of tool boxes on your truck; then, we detail the tool boxes for service trucks that we offer and allow you to select add-ons such as ladder racks, pipe racks, storage bins, and enclosed shelving. Ultimately, you can tell us what you need — and we’ll make it happen.

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Other Popular Truck Bodies

toolboxes for service trucks

While service bodies may be one of the most popular and most versatile pieces of equipment we build, it is only the beginning of what we can do. Our teams often upgrade trucks with a variety of highly-specialized truck bodies. Here’s some of what we do for professionals in many fields:

  • Landscape/Chipper Bodies — These custom truck bodies are designed to catch and hold the waste produced by a tree-chipper. Chipper bodies are essential for arborists and landscapers.
  • Dump Bodies — A dump body is the term for a truck outfitted with a hydraulic dump attachment. This body is designed to make hauling and depositing sand, mulch, gravel, or other loose material easier.
  • Junk Bodies — Used in the junk hauling industry, these truck bodies are designed to securely haul trash from homes and offices to deposit sites.

See all of the bodies we have for sale right now.

Get Your Quote on a Toolbox Truck Body

Want to turn your work truck into a do-it-all mini-warehouse? Upgrading to a toolbox truck body is all you need to do! At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, this is our specialty. Not only can we give you a competitive price on a variety of bodies from leading manufacturers, but we can help you find and customize the right body for your needs.

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