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When warm weather arrives, that means it’s time for you and your crew to break out the ATVs and tear it up. For most ATV enthusiasts, the best ATV trailer is a crucial ingredient. However, if you’re looking to get your first trailer — or your undersized trailer is taking the fun out of ATV time — we can help. The biggest questions you’re probably wondering are: what features do I need, and how many ATVs can you haul on a trailer? We’ll break it down for you.

Spring might be the right time to consider upgrading your ATV trailer to a top-of-the-line model — one that lets you haul multiple ATVs at once, with ease. As one of the biggest trailer dealers in the country, we see more trailers than ANYBODY and trailers for sale for every need. Check out our recommendations for the best ATV Trailer with the features you want, as well as how many ATVs you can haul with these trailers.

Features You Want in a Trailer to Haul ATVs

You want a trailer to haul ATVs that makes the job simple and convenient. After all, the part you enjoy is riding the ATV, not transporting it. Loading your ATVs sideways on the trailer bed is one of the best ways to maximize trailer space.

Common complaints we hear from customers about their old ATV trailers include:

  • You can only fit one ATV on the trailer, and I now have more than 1 ATV.
  • You can only load ATVs onto the back of the trailer and have to manually turn them to fit them sideways.
  • My trailer is too small and I won’t be able to haul my friends ATVs anymore.
  • The trailer is too heavy for small or medium-sized trucks to haul.

Upgrading to a new trailer to haul ATVs is all about maximizing your convenience factor. Choosing a trailer with the right additional features can solve each of these problems. Here are the features that we recommend:

  • Side Ramps — Almost all trailers have a rear loading ramp, but the best ATV trailers have side ramps and are ideal for transporting ATVs. Side ramps allow you to load your ATV onto the trailer without manually turning it.
  • Deckover Trailers — In a deckover trailer, the whole deck of the trailer sits over the wheels. That’s where it gets its name. It allows for maximum deck width.

Trailer for 1 ATV

A 5×8 steel open landscape trailer is a good option if you are only hauling 1 ATV. It is a sturdy trailer, but lightweight enough to be pulled by smaller pickups and SUVs. With a full-width mesh ramp in the rear, this trailer will also be able to haul your lawn mowers and smaller zero turns. These trailers to haul ATVs would not have brakes and would not require PA State Inspection.

Trailer for 2-3 ATVs

A 12’  side load trailer to haul ATVs works well for up to 3 ATVs, or possibly one ATV and one UTV depending on the size of the trailer. The removable ramps will attach to either side or the rear of the trailer. Furthermore, you can go with a 12’ – 14’ single axle steel landscape style trailer that not only has a rear mesh ramp but also has removable side ladder ramps. This steel version will allow you to use your trailer for both ATVs and can haul your garden tractor, zero turn mower, and more. These trailers are single axle, do not have brakes and do not require PA State Inspection.

Trailer for 3-4+ ATVs

Trailers to haul ATVs are generally 16’ or 18’ long and load from the side or rear. Steel landscape style trailers can be used for multiple ATVs or UTVs. These steel landscape trailers will have a mesh ramp or ramps in the rear of the trailer. They also could have side ramps to allow for side loading.

Deckover Equipment Trailers

Deckover equipment style trailers can also be used for hauling ATVs and UTVs. A deckover trailer will allow maximum width for hauling multiple machines. A deckover trailer could work during the week and play on the weekend!

Enclosed Trailers

For some people, the best ATV trailers will be enclosed. One thing to remember when considering an enclosed trailer for ATVs or especially a UTV is the door opening height. UTVs generally have a roof. As a general rule, enclosed trailers for UTVs will require additional height. Additional height is available in 6” increments and this should be discussed with your salesperson when considering an enclosed trailer for a UTV. The plus to an enclosed trailer is that it can double as a garage to store your machines in. Also, when traveling, the enclosed trailer to haul ATVs is handy to stow your gear and suitcases in without being in the elements.

Learn more about how to evaluate an enclosed trailer.

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The options for your trailer can be endless. This is just the tip of the iceberg! If you want help narrowing down your choices, trust the expert team at TP Trailers.

As one of the largest trailer dealers nationwide, no one has more experience matching customers to their perfect trailer than us. Plus, we can order you custom trailers that can do anything you need.

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