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Best Equipment & Tips on How to Start a Junk Removal Business

How to start a junk removal business

So, you’re thinking about how to start a junk removal business. We at T.P. Trailers & Truck Equipment think that is a great idea. Why? Because it is one of the fastest growing service industries in the US!

The junk removal industry is one of $10 Billion and is growing. As baby boomers are moving out of the family home and downsizing, that means they are cleaning out their houses, basements, garages, attics, and storage facilities.

With about 76 million baby boomers in the US. owning or controlling around $8 trillion in home equity, it’s no surprise that starting a junk removal company may be on your mind. Especially knowing that one-third (roughly 25 million) are planning to move one more time – these facts mean solid growth and large demand in every town!

But why would a trailer & truck equipment company care about baby boomers moving out and downsizing? Because we build the trucks and sell the trailers that make loading and hauling junk easier! From small budgets to large, we offer many choices! Stay tuned to learn more about how to start a junk removal business and uncover the junk removal equipment we have available and which one(s) may be right for you!

Finding the Right Equipment for Starting a Junk Removal Company

As your trusted truck and trailer dealer from PA, we want to do more than just tell you that you need the right equipment for starting a junk removal company – we want to show you the best options.

Small Budget and Crew: If your budget and crew were on the smaller side, then perhaps one of our junk removal trailers would work best. We offer several different sizes and weight capacities.

For instance, our 6 X 10 single axle trailers, equipped with a 12” tall angle iron railing, can handle up to 2,950 lb GVW and approximately 2,000 pounds of Junk for hauling purposes. These trailers come with fold-down ramps at the rear, facilitating easy manual loading or the use of a hand truck for heavier items. Additionally, most SUVs and pickup trucks available today are designed to tow these trailers effortlessly.

Medium Budget and Crew: If your budget permits a larger trailer, consider our 6 X 12 Dump Trailers, which prove to be highly efficient. These models are available with GVW ranging from 10,000 to 14,000 lb. They feature extra tall sides, loading ramps, a ladder, and an integrated tarp system for comprehensive coverage.

Equipped with electric brakes to aid in stopping, these trailers complement the standard integrated brake controllers found in most larger SUVs and pickups today. Moreover, they come with a 12V electric motor designed to raise the dump bed at the dump station and ‘EZ’ dump-through rear doors, ensuring hassle-free sliding out of larger items.

Larger Budget and Crew: For those with a larger budget and crew, Permanent Mount Dump Bodies could be the ideal junk removal equipment solution. These dump bodies are permanently affixed to a truck chassis, with our Isuzu NPR 14,500 lb GVW gas engine trucks being among our most popular choices. Renowned for their ease of maneuverability on streets and impressive turning radius, these trucks offer convenience.

Our specially designed lightweight steel bodies are customized to make the junk loading and hauling as efficient as possible. These 12’X96” bodies are made of smooth steel sides that are ideal for your graphics. They are equipped with an aluminum-moving ramp that slides out from under the dump body, making both hand loading and dolly loading safer.

They have plywood-lined sides that incorporate our ‘EZ’ change channels if you need to replace a panel. Built-in flush mount logistics channel make it easy to secure the loaded items. Double rear swing doors allow large items to be loaded and dumped without any hang ups. Our doors have heavy-duty greasable hinges that make maintenance simple. Two coats of high-grade automotive primer and paint on each body keeps your truck and image looking good for the long haul.

Recommended Junk Removal Equipment for Covering Large Areas

Start a junk removal business with a truck body

trailer for junk removal equipment

If you may want to start a junk removal business for an even larger area and budget, we recommend Interchangeable Bodies.

Interchangeable bodies are bodies that can come off your truck chassis. They incorporate many of the same features as our permanent mount bodies, but they can be unloaded by the use of a Switch-N-Go system or a HookLift system.

PRO TIP: While the initial investment into junk removal equipment is high, the return can be better as they allow one truck to do the jobs of several trucks. You can drop a body and a crew at one site, then go pick up another body and deliver it to your next job. As your crews load bodies, your truck is free to drop, pick-up and unload at the transfer station as your jobs/crews move at their own pace (some jobs take longer and may not need the same amount of team members to load).

Options that work:

All of our truck body configurations come with some useful options…

  • Large 96’ X 48” X 24” Back-Pack Tool Boxes that can be mounted behind the cab provide extra storage space for hand tools, boxes, straps, dollies and crew needs.
  • Manual mesh tarps or 12V Power tarps depending on which body you choose.
  • Under body toolboxes provide even more space for the items you will need. In addition, dolly racks that mount on top of these boxes may be an option that works for your needs.
  • Poly wheels on our interchangeable bodies help to protect your customer’s property from wheel marks.

Start A Junk Removal Business with the Help of T.P Trailers!

While on your journey of exploring how to start a junk removal business, we’re glad you landed here!

Whether you’re looking to start a junk removal business or simply update your fleet, T.P Trailers & Truck Equipment is here to help!

Whatever your budget or market, we can help you with the best junk removal equipment to suit your requirements and help you with any questions that you may have. As you grow, we can provide the equipment you need to meet the demands and profits of this $10 Billion–and growing–junk industry.

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