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Exploring the Best Snow Plow Brands

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment we want to be your resource for the snow equipment — and the information — that you rely on. That’s why we’re breaking down our picks for the best snow plow brands and explaining the advantages of each.

We’re proud to be official dealers of both SnowDogg and SnowEx, so these are the two choices we’re featuring today. However, we also carry and sell other brands of plows and snow removal equipment. Whether you’re buying your first plow, or looking to upgrade, this is the need-to-know information!

Features of the Best Plows

best snow plow features

All of the best plow brands design their equipment to stand up to the elements and solve the challenges that come from working in the field. From making your work easier to extending the lifespan of your equipment, these are the essential traits that you can expect from high quality plows:

  • Heavy Duty Construction — Being able to move large amounts of heavy snow is essential to plowing professionally. Both of our picks for the best plow brands are built specifically to accomplish this. SnowEx plows are designed with high strength steel and feature reinforced ribbing to prevent the blade from twisting when pushing heavy snow loads. SnowDogg plows are also designed for this as well, featuring steel ribs and a frame that spreads impact across the entire blade.
  • Ease-of-Use — By nature, plowing isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking for ways to make it easier. Well-designed plows are engineered to include upgrades that make the work simpler. SnowDogg plows are known for having a clean, close to the ground scrape, thanks to the sliding-pin connection. On the other hand, SnowEx plows are built with custom hydraulics and a direct-lift system which makes for more efficient snow transport.

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  • Corrosion Resistance — One of the major factors that can destroy any snow plow is the rust and corrosion which occurs after years in the elements. The best plow brands specifically design their equipment with this in mind. SnowDogg plows are built with dual corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel. SnowEx plows are protected with Powercoat, a high-performance powder-coating system, to prevent weathering and corrosion. SnowEx also offers stainless steel plows.
  • Convenient Hookup — Ample options for convenient hookup to your truck are another hallmark of well-built plows. Both of our choices for the best plow brands have innovative features meant for this specific purpose. SnowDogg plows come equipped with the Rapid Link attachment system while SnowEx plows utilize the Automatixx attachment system. Both of these options make it faster and more convenient to attach the plow to your truck.

TP Trailers & Truck Equipment sells a wide range of snow plows from SnowEx, SnowDogg and much more. See our inventory right here.

Your Resource for All Things Snow Removal

In addition to being a plow dealer for some of the best plow brands on the market, we offer a wide range of products and services that make us essential for private snow removal businesses and municipalities. In addition to selling plows, we also carry salt spreaders, snow pushers and the parts needed to repair them.

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One of the other ways that TP Trailers & Truck Equipment supports plow men, women, and snow removal businesses is that we can custom fabricate hydraulic hoses right in our repair shop. Damaged hydraulic hoses are one of the most common issues that cut a night of profitable plowing short. To make sure we have your back for ANY work you may need, our repair shop stays open 24/7 during snowstorms.

Whether you’re ready to start pricing your plow or other pieces of equipment, or you have more questions about our repair services, we encourage you to reach out! Contact us to get your quotes and all the information you need.

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