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How to Unlock or Open Storage Container Doors

When you first start working with shipping containers, figuring out how to unlock and open the storage container doors can be difficult. That’s why we made a video showing you the right way to unlatch and open storage container doors every time.

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Opening Storage Container Doors with 1 and 2 Latches

Storage containers need to close tightly to keep out the wind and the rain for long periods of time. Because of these tight seals, the doors can be built in a way that makes them challenging to open. That’s why TP Trailers is here to help you better understand how to unlock, unlatch, or open a storage container door.

  1. The first thing you want to do is identify the number of handles on the shipping container. Most storage units have 2 doors — and the doors either have 1 or 2 latches on them. The container featured in our video has 2 doors, with 2 handles and 1 handle respectively.
  2. Opening a shipping container door with only 1 handle is a simple matter of firmly pulling out the handle and swinging open the door. If a door has 2 handles, you have to pull the handles simultaneously in order to open the door. If both latches are not pulled simultaneously, opening the container door will be extremely challenging. A container with a single handle rarely gives our customers trouble from our experience — however, doors with 2 handles can cause some headaches.
  3. First, you need to lift up the latch or latches that prevent the handle from swinging out. With the latches raised, lift up and pull out the handle or handles. Allow the handles to fall slack. With the handle or sets of handles open, you can use the bar to fully open the container door.
  4. When closing a container door, it is important to keep the seal tight. Just like when opening the door, you need to use both handles simultaneously.

This is the tried-and-true method to open storage containers that are well-maintained and working properly. However, if your storage container is damaged or has seen better days, it may become stuck. The most common issues that cause a container door to become stuck are damaged door gaskets and rusty handles.

Learn how to open stuck storage container doors.

Storage Containers for All of Your Needs

While TP Trailers & Truck Equipment is more than glad to help you open your storage container doors, we can do a lot more than that. We carry a wide variety of portable storage containers, including both 8X20 containers and 8X40 containers. For customers who have special requirements for their containers, we offer custom accessories and add-ons, including electricity, lighting, pipe racks, man doors, branded paint jobs, and more. In addition to high-quality and customized containers, TP Trailers & Truck Equipment also provides mobile office containers for our clients.

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