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Document/Archive Storage Containers

Secure Your Documents with Cargo Trailer Shelving Containers from TP Trailers

If you’re searching for a reliable and budget-friendly way to store your business archives and documents, look no further! TP Trailers is happy to introduce cargo trailer shelving containers that are tailored to fulfill your storage requirements. Our enclosed trailers with shelves offer a secure and orderly space to keep all your vital paperwork and more. With climate-controlled storage, your documents will always remain in pristine condition, shielded from any environmental harm or harsh weather conditions. Reach out to our team now to discover the array of options we have available for our temperature-controlled containers!


Why Use Our Enclosed Trailer with Shelves for Your Archives

For the past five decades, TP Trailers has been at the forefront of trailer storage solutions, and we are excited to now be offering innovative enclosed trailers with shelves. Why move your documents to one of our cargo trailer shelving containers? Here are our favorite reasons why:

  • Versatile Sizes: From 20 to 53 inches, our climate-controlled storage containers can accommodate documents of all sizes.
  • Flame-Resistant: Rest easy knowing your priceless records are safe from destructive fires.
  • Temperature Control: Maintain optimal document conditions every single day, regardless of the weather and humidity.
  • Cost-Effective: Invest in our trailers for a smart, affordable, long-term solution. Say goodbye to monthly storage fees and unnecessary office expenses!

With clean spaces, ample storage, and shelving included TP Trailers provides everything you need to save money and efficiently store your archives. Reach out to our team today to learn more!

white cargo trailer shelving container that is perfect for document storage with a tp trailers table out front

Trusted Climate-Controlled Storage Containers for Your Irreplaceable Records

Ensure your paperwork stays in pristine condition year-round with our climate-controlled storage containers. Here’s why opting for a temperature-controlled container is a smart move for your business:

  • Superior air quality to safeguard your items
  • Shield your documentation from dust and debris for added protection
  • Say goodbye to damage caused by constant humidity
  • Weatherproof your archives against any seasonal changes
  • Gain peace of mind knowing your vital documents are always secure

Ready to banish worries about the best way to store important office documents? Let TP Trailers lend a hand with our enclosed trailers with shelves. Visit our showroom today or explore our options online to get started!

Purchase Our Cargo Trailer Shelving Today!

Discover your ultimate destination for all your trailer needs at TP Trailers, boasting over 50 years of expertise in selling, repairing, and expertly maintaining storage trailers. Safeguard your business’s valuable documents with our on-site cargo trailer shelving containers, ensuring your records stay secure and protected. 

At our showroom, you can explore a variety of trailer sizes from top industry brands, making finding the perfect enclosed trailer with shelves a breeze. Visit our showroom today to uncover the best trailer brand to store your business and personal files!

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