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Why We’re Proud to be a Haulmark Trailers Dealer

haulmark trailers dealer

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we want to be your headquarters for all of the best lines of cargo and specialty trailers. That’s why we’re proud to be an official Haulmark Trailers dealer in PA. Like every piece of equipment you’ll find on our sales lot, we endorse the manufacturing quality and design options of Haulmark. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the key benefits of the Haulmark brand that make them a strong choice for homeowners and professionals alike. Keep reading to learn more about this nationally-known brand — or start shopping from a trusted Haulmark trailers dealer!

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Haulmark Cargo Trailers: Brand Profile

One of the best-known trailer brands across the country, Haulmark earns popularity through their attractive style as well as their large and versatile product lines. While this nationally popular brand may be based in Indiana, they have a factory in Central Pennsylvania, making it even easier to get the customized trailers you want. These are the key benefits that make Haulmark cargo trailers a great brand to choose:

  • Trailers for Every Budget — Haulmark builds a truly wide range of trailers — from custom-tailored specialized trailers to budget options. All of their pieces are crafted to the same high standards. That means if you’re shopping for a budget-friendly trailer, starting with this brand is a smart first step. Even their entry level trailers have 1-piece aluminum roofs, radial tires, LED lights, and other quality touches.
  • Enclosed Aluminum Trailers — Here’s a unique advantage of the Haulmark cargo trailers line. They build an all aluminum enclosed trailer — and are the only one of our preferred manufacturers to do that. Aluminum trailers are popular due to their corrosion resistance and their lighter weight, which provides superior fuel efficiency.
  • Spectrum of Specialty Options — For hobbyists, Haulmark makes trailers which are designed to make using their equipment even easier and more fun. Some of the most common specialty designs include race trailers (meant for track cars), motorcycle trailers, and snow mobile trailers. Each of these dedicated lines has been tailored to a specific job; for example, Haulmark offers stacker race trailers, allowing you to carry two cars at once.
  • Strong Warranties — When advising customers on what to look for in a trailer, we always encourage them to check out the warranty; after all, you can tell a lot about how much confidence a company has in their products based on the length of their warranty. Haulmark trailers come backed with a warranty that ranges from one year to six years depending on the model.
  • Huge Variety of Custom Options — While the specialty options for unique uses make these trailers great at providing solutions to different challenges, they’re just the beginning. You also have the option to commission custom modifications from the factory on any trailer you buy. Whether it’s cosmetic touches, a specialized accessory, or a different design, they can build it for you. As an official Haulmark Trailers dealer, we’re able to handle everything to bring your unique trailer to life.

Trust Us for All Things Trailers

haulmark cargo trailers

While we certainly want you to think of us when buying a new or used trailer, there’s so much more our experts can do to support you. Firstly, if your trailer needs regular inspection to stay road legal, we offer trailer inspection in PA at our centrally located showroom.

Our in-house fabrication and trailer repair team can also be a resource if your trailer needs work or sustains damage after years of owning it. We don’t outsource this work — our 100% in-house team handles it, which means you’ll get a better price, faster turn-around, and the confidence your trailer is in the best hands. Finally, if you need replacement parts for your trailer, we’re the place to go. Not only do we keep a large inventory of common parts in stock, but we can order anything you need, too.

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If you want the style and versatility of one of these nationally-recognized trailers, we’re here to help. As a dedicated Haulmark Trailers dealer, we can provide you guidance on the right model for your budget and specific needs. We have seen Haulmark cargo trailers offer fantastic performance and unique solutions for professionals, homeowners, and hobbyists — which is why we enthusiastically recommend them. The first step is to start the conversation with our trailer experts!

Reach out right now to get prices or plan a visit to our sales lot!

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