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Custom Race Trailers

If your Saturdays are for the track, then you’re in the right place. Once your car is finished and ready to go, don’t forget about a trailer to haul it in! We work with all types of car enthusiasts and race teams to help them design their perfect custom race trailers — and now we’re showing you how it’s done.

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we are one of the nation’s leading trailer dealers specializing in the custom race trailers that look amazing and make racing much more convenient. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting some of the most important trailer accessories. Keep reading for the guide to your custom trailer — and reach out to us right now to get pricing!

Popular Race Trailer Accessories

race trailer accessories

Personal style and added convenience are two of the key reasons that car enthusiasts prefer to build a custom trailer rather than buy one from a lot.

The following race trailer accessories are in-demand because they bring the right look, ease-of-use, or both.

  1. Finished Floor — Sure, you could have a stock wooden floor in your trailer, but that’s not that exciting — you want something cool. Instead, have a patterned trailer floor like all of the professionals! The most popular floor patterns we install are checkerboard, diamond plate, and rubber coin.
  2. Light Package — Cars need work, and that work doesn’t always take place during the daylight hours. Installing a light package in your custom race trailer ensures that you can put in repair time on your vehicle day or night. This is one of the upgrades we almost always recommend.
  3. Air Conditioning — Convenience and comfort are some of the advantages you enjoy when you upgrade to a higher quality trailer. Air conditioning is one of the most in-demand race trailer accessories because it makes it more comfortable to work and hang out in your trailer during the summer.
  4. Finished Walls — When you’re showing off your car while it’s sitting in the race trailer, you want the total package to look good. While there’s nothing wrong with plain walls, having painted walls provides your trailer with a distinctly polished and professional look. While you have tons of color options, painted white — whether vinyl or aluminum — is one of the most popular colors.
  5. Cabinets — For most people, custom race trailers are their mobile garages. That means you need ample storage space to keep any tools or parts you may need — a custom cabinet system is the perfect way to keep them close at hand when you need them.
  6. Awning — A simple but important add-on, an awning on your trailer gives you much needed shade when you’re hanging out by your trailer at the track. While you might not think it’s that necessary, having an awning makes your days at the track much more comfortable.
  7. Generator — When your trailer is parked at home, it can be hooked into the electrical supply of your house — but when you’re out at the track, chances are good you won’t have electrical capabilities. That’s why a generator door/generator is such an important race trailer accessory, especially if your trailer has a light package and air conditioning.

    Learn more about trailer inspection in PA.

These are just some of your options when it comes to building your race trailer. If you’re interested to learn more, reach out today to get a quote on your trailer.

Intro Car Trailer Options

open race car trailer

While the custom race trailers we build are the top-of-the line options on the market, they aren’t the only options. If you’re looking to save on your budget when selecting your car trailer, we offer other financially friendly choices, too.

If you’re just starting out, you might prefer to opt for an open car trailer that will provide you all of the safe hauling you need, just without all of the advantages of being enclosed. The open car trailers we sell give you the ability to haul one car to the track at a significantly reduced cost when compared to one of these decked-out race trailers. We encourage you to tell us your budget and to work with us to find the perfect fit.

Discuss Your Custom Race Trailer

Whether you’re a race enthusiast or part of a crew, we’d like to work with you to design your custom race trailer. At TP Trailers, we’re one of the nation’s leading dealers for Haulmark, Car Mate, and more. In addition, we have years of experience building one-of-a-kind options complete with the most popular race trailer accessories available to you.

Start the conversation today about all of your race trailer needs!

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