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5 Causes of Hydraulic Hose Damage on Snow Plows

Hydraulic hose damage or failure will stop your plow in its tracks — and it’s one of the main problems that plowmen run into on the job. At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we run a plow repair and fabrication shop with the capability to create new hydraulic hoses during every snowstorm. We’ve seen thousands of damaged and burst hydraulic hoses over the years — learn from us about the 5 most common causes of hydraulic hose failure.

The Most Common Causes of Damaged Hydraulic Hoses

You and your plow tackle tough conditions every time it snows. Your equipment needs to work as hard as you do in order to clear the roads, parking lots, and driveways. These conditions can tax your hydraulic hoses, causing them to fail.

Here are the most common reasons for hydraulic hose damage that you can watch out for on your plow:

  1. Impact — The most common reason for hydraulic hose failure that we see every snow storm comes from impact. Anytime you strike a solid object — like a curb, for example — with your plow, it puts immense pressure on your hoses, often causing them to burst. Since your vision will be obscured by the weather and often the darkness, you are far more likely to hit something, leading to one or more of your plow’s hydraulic hoses to burst.
  2. Abrasion/Erosion — Over time, hydraulic hoses can wear thin, creating a small leak of hydraulic fluid. This hose erosion can be the result of a variety of factors, like particles in the hose, age, and temperature changes. When the hydraulic fluid leak becomes serious enough, it leads to full hose failure.
  3. Improper Installation — An often unexpected reason for hydraulic hose failure, if your hoses were not installed properly, your plow can experience problems. One of the main issues we see is if the hose fittings have not been installed properly, the seals will leak. Over time, this can cause complete hose failure. Always get your plow serviced by an experienced snow equipment shop to ensure your plow functions the way it’s supposed to.
  4. Improper Hydraulic Fluid — While it’s fair to assume that all hydraulic fluid is the same, there are differences — and using the right fluid for your hoses is important. Running the incorrect type of fluid through your hoses causes them to fail over time. We’ve seen this be an issue when people buy used plows from dealers or individuals that didn’t care for them correctly.
  5. Rust — As is the case with anything out in the elements, rust is a factor for the metal components of your plow. The metal fittings on the ends of the hydraulic hoses will oxidize over time, which will eventually cause them to leak and fail. Proper snow plow maintenance will help slow the oxidization process on your hydraulic hoses.

How to Deal with Damaged Hydraulic Hoses

In almost any case of damaged or burst hydraulic hoses, you need to replace them. Your snow plow cannot function without a full set of functioning hydraulic hoses. In addition, since hydraulic hose fluid is EXTREMELY toxic, you need to exercise caution when dealing with a burst or leaking hydraulic hose. Avoid getting the hydraulic fluid on your skin at all costs.

In order to get your plow working again, you’ll need to replace the hoses and have new ones installed. At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, our snow equipment repair shop fabricates and installs hydraulic hoses the day or night you need them. Normally you’d have to wait for a repair shop to order in hoses and install them, which can take several days.

That’s why at TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we stay open 24/7 during snow emergencies to provide you with the plow service you NEED to get back on the road and make money.

damaged hydraulic hoses

On-The-Spot Hydraulic Hose Fabrication from TP Trailers

Since hydraulic hoses often fail in the middle of snowstorms, we keep our shop open until the snow stops falling. Normally if your hydraulic hoses burst, you’d have to sit the storm out, meaning you wouldn’t be able to fulfill your contract.

With TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, you can destroy a hose and be back on the roads the very same night. Keep us in mind for EVERY snow storm — and contact us to learn more about our plow equipment shop.

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