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5 Traits of the Best Service Body for Your Truck

Service bodies are an important tool for professionals in a wide range of fields from contracting, road service, HVAC, and more. These utility upfits transform a pickup truck or chassis into the complete toolbox that’s essential to be efficient with the way you work. Since this is a big investment and a piece of equipment you’ll use for years, you want to make this investment in the best service body for you that will give you long lasting returns.

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we offer a wide range of utility bodies from the nation’s leading manufacturers. We can help you find what to look for in a service body — and get you a quote to upfit your truck. Keep reading to learn what makes for the best service body, or see all of our truck bodies for sale.

What to Look for in a Service Body

If you’re wondering what to look for in a service body, we can help. If you’re like the vast majority of the professionals we equip, you want a service body that is easy-to-use, keeps your equipment safe, and lasts a long time.

These are the traits to look for in the best service body for your truck:

  1. Corrosion Resistance — Having some type of corrosion resistance is a key trait to look for in a new truck service body. Since rust can destroy otherwise solid equipment, this is a priority when shopping for a new service body. You have several options for corrosion resistance. Firstly, aluminum bodies are very corrosion resistant naturally and can have more than double the life span of a steel body. In addition, fiberglass truck bodies do not corrode and easily can out live the lifespan of the chassis — but both of these materials come at a higher price point. If you’re opting for a steel body, choose a body made of corrosion resistant steel like A60 Galvanneal steel, which is up to 50% more resistant to rust than normal steel.

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  2. Weather Resistance — You’re going to rely on this utility body for years, in all types of weather conditions. Another important thing to look for in a truck body is if it’s watertight enough to stay dry even when driving through the heaviest rainstorms. Make sure that the tool boxes on your truck body feature heavy duty rubber seals and sturdy door latches. Without these added features, your toolboxes may leak, which can damage your tools and equipment.
  3. Lifespan — Above all, your truck body is an investment in your business to boost convenience on the job and productivity. To make sure you see the ROI on this, you want to upfit your truck with a service body that will last for at least a decade. Generally, the best service bodies for pickups last between 10 to 20 years depending on the material. Our steel utility bodies generally last around 10 years or longer, while the fiberglass bodies we sell last 20 years or more. Corrosion-free aluminum bodies often fall in the middle of that spectrum.

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  4. Warranty — All of the best truck bodies have something really critical in common: a rock-solid, no hassle warranty. Not only does a warranty give you peace-of-mind knowing your investment is protected, but it also shows you that the manufacturer believes in their product enough to stand behind it. While the exact details of the individual warranties vary, generally you can expect a truck body warranty to cover construction and quality on structural elements for up to 5 years.
  5. Plenty of Custom Options Available — Since your utility body is meant to help you work more efficiently, the best truck body will boast custom options tailored to your needs. Some of the unique upfitting options we offer range from custom shelving inside boxes, to key-less unlock and entry options. Tell your TP Trailers & Truck Equipment salesperson what you need and we’ll help you find the right body and the right custom touches to make it happen.

what to look for in a service body

Utility Body Brands Sold by TP Trailers

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we proudly offer bodies built by the nation’s leading truck upfitting manufacturers. From landscaping truck body to other dump truck bodies, our selection allows every customer to have access to the right custom body for their needs and their budgets.

These are the truck body brands we sell:

  • Warner — This trusted brand of truck bodies offers both aluminum and steel options.
  • TruckCraft — One of the leading aluminum body manufacturers, TruckCraft offers standout corrosion resistant aluminum bodies.
  • Brand FX — This truck body brand builds the ultra-light, very durable fiberglass utility bodies that are gaining popularity on the market.

Trust TP for the Best Truck Service Body

You know what to look for in a service body, and now you know where to get it. Whether you know the model you need and are ready to see pricing — or you still need help finding the best truck service body for you — we can help. Reach out to our truck equipment team to discuss your needs and the range of great options for the best service body available to you.

Contact us today to start the conversation and to get pricing!

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