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Aluminum Truck Bodies vs. Steel Truck Bodies

Aluminum truck bodies and steel bodies are the two most common choices when upfitting your work truck. Whether you work for a private business or in the public sector, you want an economical choice that will keep its quality and durability for years to come.

Deciding between an aluminum truck body vs. a steel truck body is the main choice you’ll need to make. At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment we have equipped work trucks with both types of bodies for decades. Both truck bodies’ materials have their place and are good for different businesses and different budgets.

If you’re still deciding on your truck body material we can help you by giving an honest breakdown of each. Since we have decades of experience in the business, we can help you find the truck body you need and help you get it for a great price, too.

Aluminum Truck Body Advantages

Aluminum truck bodies are a great choice for the vast majority of industries. Even if aluminum bodies cost more money upfront than a steel alternative, they prove their value with a handful of benefits. Aluminum is lighter and naturally more resistant to corrosion.

Here are the aluminum truck body advantages:

  1. Fuel Savings – Since aluminum bodies are lighter, your truck will use less fuel. Even though aluminum is more expensive upfront, you’ll recoup the difference at the pump for years to come. This can be a deciding factor for contractors who travel to jobsites in other counties and states every day.
  2. Increased Payload and Efficiency – Another advantage of aluminum’s light weight, if you have an aluminum body, you can have more payload. An aluminum body can weigh between 30% to 50% less than a steel body. As a result, you can haul more and work more efficiently with aluminum.
  3. Less Body Maintenance – Since aluminum naturally resists corrosion, you’ll be able to keep your aluminum truck body in serviceable shape for longer, with less maintenance. Once again, opting for an aluminum body saves you money in the long run – just another way aluminum makes up for the higher initial price tag. Cracks in the paint on a steel body is a cause for alarm as corrosion can start forming — for an aluminum body, it’s no big deal.
  4. An Option for Lighter Trucks – Coming back to the lighter overall weight, aluminum truck bodies are an option for smaller commercial trucks that can’t use steel bodies. Depending on the truck you’re looking to upfit, this can make aluminum bodies the ONLY choice. For example, you can upfit a ¾ ton truck with an aluminum body, but due to weight concerns you most likely would not want to use a steel truck body.
  5. Higher Resale Value – Since aluminum bodies are resistant to the corrosion that undermines a used steel body’s value, aluminum bodies have a much higher resale value on the used market. When you need to upgrade, you’ll be able to recoup part of your initial investment.

Aluminum bodies are a fantastic investment for companies or municipalities looking for a more long-lasting ownership experience – or with lighter trucks to upfit. This makes aluminum bodies a popular choice for private companies and municipal governments.

Steel Truck Body Advantages

Although aluminum can seem like the best choice for many organizations based on convenience alone, steel truck bodies can be an equally good choice.

Here are the steel truck body advantages that make them the choice for some companies:

  1. More Economical Upfront – While aluminum bodies save money over time, they cost more to buy initially. This can be a deal breaker for certain budgets, which makes steel bodies a better choice. Steel truck bodies cost approximately 30% less than aluminum options.
  2. Perfect for Heavy-Duty Use – Although both types of truck bodies are strong and durable, steel bodies are ideal for the heaviest duty jobs. For example, if you’re a landscaper who builds hardscapes with boulders, a steel body may be your best choice for your landscaping truck body due to its durability against dropping heavy loads on it.

Steel and Aluminum Truck Body Dealer

aluminum truck body in limerick pa

Just like no two jobs are the same, no two company’s needs are the same either. Although we can outline the reasons to choose an aluminum truck body vs. a steel truck body, it depends on the work you do, your equipment, and your budget.

If you’re still trying to decide, let the knowledgeable team at TP Trailers & Truck Equipment help you find the right body. At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment we have decades of experience providing truck bodies to PA and the surrounding states. Contact us to find and price your next truck body today.

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