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Truck Upfitting that Pays Off

Your truck, whether it is commercial or pickup, is a business asset. It helps you do your job day in and day out, and even if it’s several years old, it has resale value that puts a used car to shame.

Like any other asset, you can invest in it for added versatility and value. Truck upfitting is how you can get more functionality out of your truck — while adding to its residual value.

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we perform a wide range of truck upfitting services and we install a variety of custom bodies, including platform bodies, chipper bodies, landscape bodies, utility bodies, and more. See how you can pay yourself back in more ways than one by investing in the right truck accessories.

Upfitting Options & Pickup Accessories to Invest In

Your industry, your truck, and the demands your job makes on your commercial or pickup truck determine what type of upfitting you should consider. Whether you’re looking for pickup truck bed accessories to allow you to do more jobs or you’re looking to fix up your truck, we handle it at TP Trailers & Truck Equipment.

Here are some of the upfitting options that pay you back:

  1. New Life to Your Truck — If you’ve put a few years onto your commercial truck, upfitting may be the key to extending its lifespan. If the current body is showing signs of rust or wear, but the chassis and the engine are strong, equipping it with a new custom truck body will fix the problem and potentially give you a new way to utilize your truck. We’ve seen this easily add extra years onto the truck lifespan.
  2. Replacing Damaged Pickup Bed — If your pickup bed is on its last legs after years of work, truck upfitting can be your solution as well. Rather than paying to replace the damaged pickup bed, you can upfit the truck to feature a platform body. This solution lets you put the money for repair towards a full upgrade — and you’ll have a new way to use your truck, too. Medium duty platform bodies fit most pickups and allow you to expand the capacity of what you can haul. You can install toolboxes or sides to give the truck more versatility.
  3. Increase Value for Resale — In real estate, the concept is called curb appeal. If you know you’re going to sell your truck, you can upfit it to not only make it look newer but expand what it can do. This can make it easier to spark interest in your old work truck — and ensure you get more for it when you have a buyer.
  4. Switch-N-Go Solutions — Not all truck upfitting savings solutions deal with fixing damage. Sometimes the right truck bodies and accessories pay you back by increasing the type of work you can do. The Switch-N-Go detachable truck body system allows a truck to be able to be easily equipped with a variety of different bodies, essentially making one truck a stand-in for a partial truck fleet. For contractors and municipalities, this upfitting solution expands the number of jobs a single truck can do. Some of the most popular Switch-N-Go bodies we sell include:
    1. Drop Box (Dumpster)
    2. Landscape Body
    3. Dump Body
    4. Platform Body
    5. Storage Body
    6. Chipper Body
    7. Spray Bodies
    8. Recycle Body
    9. Sub-Frames with V-Box Salt Spreaders or Brine Tanks and Applicators

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Full-Service Fabrication Shop

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we have a full-service custom fabrication shop. This makes us the local headquarters for both private businesses and municipalities who need upfitting and service. We work with some of the biggest names in the truck body industry, including SH Truck Bodies, Switch-N-Go, Truckcraft, & more. See our custom truck body portfolio and learn how our custom fabrication solves problems for a wide range of industries.

Contact Us for Your Truck Upfitting Quote

Whether you want to add a platform body onto your old pickup or you want to invest in a Switch-N-Go and some starter bodies, we’re the team to work with. Our team of experts can help you find the cost-effective solutions to your truck equipment needs.

The first step is to reach out for a conversation and to get pricing. Contact our sales team today for a truck upfitting quote!

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