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V-Plows vs. Straight Blade Plows

For the right people, snow removal pays…and it pays pretty well. The most common jobs you’ll do as a freelance plowman are clearing parking lots and plowing driveways — and there’s plenty of that kind of work to do during the winter time. The key to this lucrative second income is the right snow plow. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to upgrade, the right plow is key. Your two main choices are V-plows and straight blade plows — we’ll break down the differences between the two.

Featuring two independently controlled blades with a hinge in the middle, V-plows get their name from the v-shape that the plow blades make. These plows are more complicated to operate but have a wide range of functions. On the other hand, straight blade plows are the most basic snow plow design on the market with a single blade.

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Deciding between V-plows and straight plows is a matter of weighing your plow experience and your budget against the jobs you plan to take. Read our blog — and pick your next plow.

V-Plow Advantages

snowex v-plow

For experienced plowmen, V-plows are generally the most popular choice. The unique nature of the dual blades gives you more control over your plow, which makes a variety of plowing jobs easier and quicker. See the advantages of V-plows:

  • Easier to Open up a Driveway — Using the blades of the plow in V-mode, your plow can easily break into a snow-filled driveway. When starting to plow a driveway with a straight blade, you’ll have to take it at an angle. A V-blade makes it easy to plow driveways head on.
  • Scoop Option Makes Clearing Parking Lots More Convenient — An advantage of a V-blade plow is that you’ll have the option to set the blades in scoop mode. This makes clearing large parking lots quicker by allowing your plow to do longer pushes in one direction. Since this is one of the most common and most lucrative freelance plowing contracts, this advantage matters.
  • V-Plows are Good at Breaking Snow Banks — If you’re out plowing after a snow storm, chances are you’ll run into snow banks made by other plows. The v-shaped blade cuts right through dense snow piles while a straight plow can get stuck against a thick snow bank.

Oftentimes, once drivers get behind the wheel of a V-plow, they’re converted. The added control and efficiency make this style a definite favorite.

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Straight Blade Plow Advantages

snowex straight plow

While straight blade plows don’t have all of the same options as V-plows, they do pack advantages that make them an excellent choice for novice and experienced plow operators alike. See the advantages of straight blade plows:

  • Straight Plows are Simpler to Operate — While V-plows are not challenging to use, they do have a variety of functions which can be difficult for novices. The simple up, down, left, and right movements of a straight blade plow can be best for learning the ropes.
  • The Potential for Longer Lifespan — Both types of plows can last a very long time with proper maintenance and repairs. However, since V-blades have hinge points and more moving parts than straight blade plows, there is more that can go wrong with them. That’s why straight plows have the potential to last longer than V-plows.
  • Straight Plows Generally Cost Less — Ultimately, you started a snow removal business to make money. While the plow is a necessary investment, if you want to limit your initial cost, you’ll want a straight blade plow. Since straight plows come with fewer options, they are less expensive. While the price of each individual plow make and model differs, on average V-plows cost about $1,000 more than a similarly sized straight plow.

These advantages make straight blade plows an excellent practical choice for your plow business. Oftentimes, many new drivers will start with a straight blade and upgrade to a V-blade after a few years.

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