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Snow Plows for Pickup Trucks: Compatibility & Safety

snow plows for pickup trucks

The right truck is a crucial piece of equipment for any plow business — and TP Trailers & Truck Equipment is the team to trust when you’re looking for snow plows for pickup trucks. Since TP Trailers is the trusted equipment headquarters, customers often ask us about whether they can install a snow plow on their vehicle. While we don’t offer recommendations on truck makes or specific models, we can provide some resources to help you find a compatible plow for your truck.

Matching the right plow to your truck is important to ensuring you get the best performance — and to prevent damaging your truck. At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we strictly follow Federal Motor Safety Standards and manufacturer guidelines when matching trucks with plows. If you have any uncertainty, we recommend consulting with our plow sales team and with your truck dealer.

Can I Install a Snow Plow on My Pickup Truck?

There’s no question about it: snow plows for pickup trucks are pieces of equipment. As such, they require a sufficiently heavy-duty pickup truck to operate them. When people ask us if they can install a snow plow on their truck, we ALWAYS recommend following official standards.

One step that some customers take before consulting with our plow experts is to check a manufacturer database to see if their truck can be equipped with a plow and what modifications are needed to do so.

Power Match is the database run by SnowEx, one of the main snow plow brands we sell at TP Trailers & Truck Equipment.

Some of the information you’ll need to know in order to use Power Match or similar databases includes:

  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Model
  • Drive Train
  • Engine Type
  • Body Style

install a snow plow

Click here to use Power Match right now to see if your truck is a match for a snow plow. Enter your information to find out if your current truck is a match for a plow, in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. In addition, if any modifications during installation are required, they will be listed as well.

While Power Match and other databases like it are useful tools, you can always call or contact TP Trailers & Truck Equipment to discuss your truck and your plow needs with an expert. There’s no better way to quickly learn if you can install a snow plow on your truck than to talk with a heavy equipment specialist.

The Risk of Buying Used Plows from Private Sellers

One of the biggest advantages of buying your snow removal equipment from TP Trailers is that you can always talk to an expert. When you buy a snow plow for your pickup truck from a private seller, that often isn’t an option.

In addition, when you buy from a large dealer with an extensive inventory, you can find the right new plow that meets the equipment guidelines that you need to follow. However, buying a used plow from a private seller can be an issue as their selection will be very limited. You may buy a plow because you like the price — only to find out later that it’s an unsafe fit for your truck.

Learn more about whether you should buy a used plow.

Some of the most common, serious issues we see when mounting a plow on too light of a pickup includes an overloaded front axle, ball joints going bad, and steering issues.

Get Pricing on Snow Plows for Pickup Trucks

install a snow plow for pickup trucks

If you’re ready to start pricing snow plows for your pickup truck, you’re in the right place. TP Trailers & Truck Equipment is a dealer for many of the most-reliable and in-demand snow plow models.

In addition to our large on-site inventory, we also have a wealth of experience advising customers on the plow that meets their needs and fits their current truck.

Contact us to get answers to your snow plow installation questions — and to get pricing on our plow inventory today!

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