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Shipping Container Sizes: What Size Do You Need?

Storage containers are an essential tool for a huge variety of businesses (and even some homeowners) who need temporary weathertight storage. Since such a large range of people and organizations make use of containers, they have a wide range of different needs. That’s why finding the right shipping container is essential. In today’s blog, we’re answering the common question, “What size shipping container do you need?” — and profiling the most common shipping container sizes.

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we’re the PA equipment headquarters that offers a wide range of portable storage units for rent and sale. Not only do we deliver the high-quality storage, but we’re also here to provide all the information you need. Keep reading to learn about the right shipping container size — or reach out right now to get prices for buying or renting.

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Find the Shipping Container Dimensions that Work for You

The two most common shipping container dimensions are 8’×20’ and 8’×40’ and they are commonly referred to as 20 foot and 40 foot containers. The right size container for you depends primarily on how you’ll use it and how much room you’ll have for it. These are the most common types of customers and the shipping container sizes that match their needs:

shipping container dimensions

Homeowners: 20 Foot Container

Homeowners often use portable storage containers when they are doing a large-scale remodeling project and need to store furniture and other large home items. In almost every case, a 20 foot container is large enough to handle everything they have with ample room left over.

shipping container sizes for retail stores

Retail Stores: 40 Foot Container

Chain retail stores often make use of containers for additional merchandise storage — especially around Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season. These stores almost always opt for one or more 40 foot container because they have a large amount of inventory and the price difference isn’t enough to make a difference in their budgets.

Learn more about our retail storage options right here.

shipping container dimensions for construction companies

Construction Companies: 20 Foot Container or 40 Foot Container

Construction companies are one of the most common clients we serve with our on-site storage containers. From our experience, the shipping container dimensions they use tend to be split 50/50 depending on a few key factors. For new builds, they will almost always prefer a 40 foot container as they have a large amount of material to store on site — and there is almost always enough room to accommodate the size of a 40 foot container. However, for smaller jobs on smaller sites (such as home remodeling), a 20 foot container can be the better choice.

shipping container sizes for landscaping companies

Landscaping Companies: 20 Foot Container or 40 Foot Container

While the size of the project determines the right container for construction firms, it is the size of the company and number of crews that determine it for landscapers. Larger landscaping companies with multiple crews will definitely need the added length of a 40 foot container. However, single crew landscapers can often fit all of their equipment in a single 20 foot unit. In addition, smaller companies may be less likely to have enough stuff to fit in a full 40 foot trailer, so the smaller unit is more convenient as well. One of the most popular custom touches for landscapers is to add on three roll doors to the side of the container.

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Price Difference Between 20 Foot and 40 Foot Containers

Since a 40 foot container is double the size of its 20 foot counterpart, some people expect them to cost twice as much. However, that’s not the case. The price difference between the two most common shipping container dimensions is fairly minimal. When buying a container or renting it for a long period of time, there will only be a few hundred dollar increase from a 40 foot container compared to a 20 foot container.

Much more than the shipping container size, it is the condition, the age, and the custom modifications that determine the price of a container. Whether you opt for a new or used container from TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, you can count on anything we offer to be secure and weathertight.

Learn more about what a shipping container should cost.

Get Quotes on Different Shipping Container Sizes

We deliver storage containers to homes, businesses, and construction sites throughout the state and beyond. If you know what shipping container size will do the job for you, we’ll get you prices. However, if you have questions about the right dimensions or the custom options that we offer, our team is ready to help.

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