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Shipping Container Modifications: Office & Storage

On a construction site or at a warehouse, a storage container solves problems. While a basic unit is enough to handle your storage needs, the right shipping container modifications make it even more valuable.

Whether you plan to use your unit for office space or equipment storage, there are modifications that make it more efficient and more versatile. At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment we offer a wide range of modified storage containers for sale and rent.

In today’s blog, we’re exploring important shipping container modifications for both office and storage units. Plus, feel free to contact us at anytime to get pricing on your container and to schedule a delivery.

shipping container modifications

Mobile Office Upgrades

An important inclusion on construction sites, mobile offices give foreman and project managers a space to get out of the elements to do important logistical and office work. In addition to that, they are often used for a different type of storage, such as keeping important documents and contracts close at hand. The primary shipping container modifications for offices are used to make it more comfortable and more like any other office. These are some of the key modifications we offer:

  • Windows — If you’re going to be spending hours a day in this office, the least it can have is a few windows. While the LED lighting included in our container offices is nice, seeing the outside is important. When you buy a container, let us know how many windows you want and where you want them placed.
  • Insulated Walls — Finished and insulated walls are a crucial modification for office containers. Not only do the finished walls go hand-in-hand with controlling the temperature, but they also make the space feel more like an office and less like a storage unit.
  • Desks — You have an office to work, and that’s why a desk is one of the most common inclusions with our mobile offices. You have your choice over the type of desks you want, from standard options to large drawing desks.
  • Electricity — Another essential upgrade, outfitting your temporary office is important to give your electronics a place to charge and to have the lighting and climate control systems you’ll rely on.
  • Climate Control — On an either really hot or cold day, this is an essential modification for any office, ensuring that it is usable all year round.
  • Bathroom — A less common container modification, adding a sink and toilet is something that we’ll do when outfitting a custom container office for sale. This add-on is often used for long term projects.

Storage Unit Customization

While there is more of an opportunity to modify an office container, you can also upgrade a dedicated storage unit to make it a better solution for your needs. These are some of the most common features to add to a modified storage container.

  • Lighting — Lighting can be added to simple storage containers since it can make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for in an otherwise dark container.
  • Custom Shelving — Adding custom shelving on the inside lets you make the most of the storage space you have available.
  • Custom Paint — If your construction site is in a prominent location and you want to show off your brand, painting your logo on the side of the container is a simple but helpful cosmetic shipping container modification.
  • Lock Boxes — Lock boxes inside the container provide an extra level of security if there is something particularly valuable you need to house on site.
  • Extra Doors — Adding extra doors, either roll doors or man doors, can make a container easier to access.

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Modified Shipping Containers for Sale & Rent

modified shipping containers for sale

These are some of the most common shipping container modifications that we offer for both office and storage purposes. However, this is just the beginning of what we can do for you.

One of the main things that our clients like about working with TP Trailers & Truck Equipment is that our experts are only a call or email away. So, if you have a question about a possible modification, all you need to do is ask.

When you’re ready to get pricing, contact us and ask for a quote on our modified shipping containers for sale. Reach out today for more information — and for a free quote.

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