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Retail Storage Containers, Trailers & Other Answers

retail storage containers

Large retail stores always need to store extra merchandise on-site — but Black Friday and the Christmas season makes it a top priority. We can help with that! TP Trailers & Truck Equipment has the solutions you need with our retail storage containers and large storage trailers.

Containers and storage trailers alike prove to be effective retail storage solutions for big box stores — but between those two, which is the right choice for you? At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we’re the go-to source for all of your equipment needs including shipping containers, trailers, snow removal, truck upfitting, and more. We’re breaking down the benefits of both storage containers and trailers to help you make your decision. Read our blog to find what’s right for your business — and reach out to us for pricing on BOTH options!

Comparing Retail Storage Solutions

You need your retail storage to do a pretty simple job: keep merchandise secure and protected from the elements. When comparing retail storage solutions, both storage trailers and retail storage containers secure and protect merchandise equally well. It’s when you compare and contrast the specifics such as the size, convenience, and ease-of-use that you start to find which one meets your needs. Explore the benefits of each type of retail storage — and request pricing.

Retail Storage Containers

Many stores choose to rent storage containers for their merchandise storage needs.

These are the benefits of retail storage containers:

  • Keep Your Shipping Dock Clear — If you choose a container, you can place it in an unused section of the parking lot. If you use a storage trailer, you’ll have to leave it parked at your shipping dock. Going with retail storage containers means that you don’t have to tie up space at your dock with a trailer for a few months on end. This saves you space in your shipping and receiving area so you can unload more merchandise faster.
  • Can Have More Containers than Trailers — If you’re handling a large volume of merchandise, you may find containers to be the most effective storage option. When you rely on storage trailers for all of your retail storage needs, you may find yourself limited by the number of docks on your building. However, you can place as many containers as you have empty space in your lot.
  • Less Expensive to Rent — Compared to the price of storage trailers, containers will cost somewhat less money. This can make a difference in your budget when you need to rent multiple units at once for a long period of time. While buying containers is not a common choice in the retail world, we do sell retail storage containers also.

    Learn more about deciding between buying and renting containers.
  • Don’t Require a Dock — If your store or a specific location doesn’t have a shipping and receiving dock, then you’ll need to use a portable shipping container. Since storage containers can be placed anywhere they are a more versatile solution, which can make a difference for some businesses.

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Storage Trailer for Retail

Storage trailers are parked at the docks of larger stores providing ample weather-tight storage close at hand.

These are the benefits of this retail storage solution:

  • Storage Trailers are Larger — Compared to our retail storage containers, storage trailers are longer at 53’ and wider as well. In comparison, the containers we offer are either 8’X20’ or 8’X40’. This allows you to maximize the storage space of a single unit.
  • Convenient Access — One of the main benefits of trailers as a retail storage solution is their convenience. Since the trailer is parked at the receiving door, you can access the merchandise faster without setting up a ramp for your forklift. In addition, a trailer works as overflow space and can make your receiving area more organized during the busiest season.
  • Don’t Have to Leave the Store to Access Extra Merchandise — Since the trailer will be parked at your dock, you don’t need to leave the store and drive a forklift through the parking lot. This can save you time, especially when making multiple trips, and keeps you from having to go outside for extra merchandise in bad weather.
  • A Loaded Trailer Can Be Moved — When fully loaded, a shipping container can’t be moved. However, a loaded trailer can be moved without fully unloading it first. This can be an added benefit that makes a storage trailer the more convenient choice.

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The TP Trailers & Truck Equipment Guarantee

retail storage solution

One other important point to mention about both of these storage solutions is that when you rent from TP Trailers & Truck Equipment drop off is equally easy for both. Our experienced drivers will deliver your retail storage solution and place it exactly where you need it.

Learn more about the importance of proper shipping container delivery.

In addition to the ease of delivery, when you rent storage equipment from TP, you can expect quality. We guarantee that every single one of our retail storage containers, storage trailers, and other storage options will be easy-to-use, secure and weather tight. If there is ever a problem with your storage rental, we will replace it immediately. That’s just one of the advantages of partnering with TP Trailers & Truck Equipment for all of your storage and equipment needs.

Retail Storage Containers & Storage Trailers

Whether you’re still deciding on the retail storage solution you need for your store, or you’re ready to get pricing, we’re ready to help. We offer a wide range of retail storage containers and storage trailers for rent — see our selection right here.

Contact us today to get answers to your questions — and to get pricing!

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