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What to Look for in the Best Motorcycle Trailer

As much as you love your motorcycle, you just can’t ride it all the time. This is where the need for a motorcycle trailer comes in. Whether you ride a sports bike or a touring bike, you want to find the best motorcycle trailer on the market. The motorcycle trailer that you select should make transport easy and keep your bike safe too.

At TP Trailers, we have decades of experience helping people find the best utility trailers for all of their needs. Read our latest blog to learn how to find the best motorcycle trailer for you.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Motorcycle Trailer

Finding the best motorcycle trailer can be a matter of matching your needs, your preferences, and your budget to one of our large fleet of trailers for sale.

Here are the 6 things your motorcycle trailer should be — or should have — for your maximum satisfaction.

utility trailer used for motorcycle transport

1. A Trailer You Already Own

Sometimes, the best motorcycle trailer for the job is one you don’t need to buy. Since motorcycles are more compact than other heavy cargo, almost any trailer can be set up for motorcycles.

For example, if you already own a landscaping trailer, you can easily convert it to an effective open motorcycle trailer. When converting a utility trailer into a motorcycle trailer, you need to equip it with wheel chocks and tie-downs to keep the bike stable. You can do the upgrade yourself — or we can perform the conversion at TP Trailers for you.

motorcycle trailer low to the ground

2. Low to the Ground

Generally, the best motorcycle trailers are low to the ground. While we love the deckover option since it provides a wider bed when picking an ATV trailer, for motorcycles, it can be a drawback.

A lower-profile, non-deckover trailer makes it super easy to load your bike. If your trailer deck is too high, it could make it dangerous to load your bike.

enclosed motorcycle trailer

3. An Enclosed Trailer

A lot of motorcycle aficionados consider an enclosed trailer to be the best choice for their bike for reasons of protection and convenience. An enclosed trailer provides full-waterproof protection as well as guards stone chips, bugs, and other road debris.

Plus, an enclosed trailer basically serves as a mobile garage for your bike, which can save you space in your actual garage.

wide motorcycle trailer

4. The Right Trailer Width for Your Needs

Since motorcycles are one of the most compact pieces of equipment, dedicated motorcycle trailers tend to be smaller as well. While that makes them convenient if you only ever need to transport a motorcycle, it can be a problem if you EVER need to haul another vehicle such as a trike. If there’s even a chance you’ll need to haul a trike, an ATV, or another type of equipment, you might want to consider a wider trailer, whether it’s open or enclosed.

e-track system for motorcycle trailer

5. The Versatile E-Track System

An E-Track tie-down system is another effective way to secure your motorcycle to a utility trailer or enclosed trailer. These versatile tracks are a great solution if you might end up getting another, differently-sized bike. With either rope ties or rope rings that fit into the e-track, it is very versatile. Contact your mechanic or TP Trailers to learn more about having the E-Track system installed on your motorcycle trailer.

light weight motorcycle trailer

6. Light Enough for Your Truck

Weight is a major factor when selecting your ideal motorcycle trailer. You want to ensure that your trailer is light enough that it can be hauled by your average pickup or SUV — instead of a heavier-duty truck. Since aluminum trailers are lighter than the steel alternative, they are sometimes the best choice when looking for a motorcycle trailer.

These are the most important things to consider when picking your motorcycle trailer. If you have any questions, the next step is a conversation with the trailer experts at TP Trailers.

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Contact us to learn more about the best motorcycle trailers — and to get your quote!

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