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Do Shipping Containers Rust?

do shipping containers rust

Storage containers are the first and best option for many different businesses looking for secure outdoor storage. Since staying watertight is essential to a conex box doing its main job, customers often ask us, “Do shipping containers rust, and does it matter?” While surface level rust may occur somewhat commonly on used containers, it doesn’t pose much of a risk — thanks to the construction of the containers. The only time that rot is a factor that effects performance is if the container itself is extremely old or was very poorly maintained.

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we’re the headquarters for portable storage and other equipment that professionals rely on. Not only do we offer competitive prices on a wide range of standard and custom containers, but we also share our knowledge earned by decades of experience. In today’s blog, we’re answering the key question, “Do shipping containers rust?” — and giving more details on when rust is a factor. Keep reading to dig in, or talk to our team to get prices!

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Rusty Shipping Containers: What to Know & What to Do

Anytime you buy or rent a container from a reputable company, you should have 100% confidence that your unit will provide you the watertight and weatherproof storage you need — even if there is surface rust. In the majority of cases, rusty shipping containers should still be a solid solution for you. To give you all of the info you need to buy or rent, we’re answering a few essential questions:

  • How Can Rusty Shipping Containers Stay Watertight? — Good question! This is due to the Corten used to construct shipping containers. This unique type of steel is self-sealing, meaning that it creates a barrier around any surface level damage, preventing deeper damage. We compare it to how our skin forms a protective scab when cut. This innovative steel alloy is key to ensuring that containers stay watertight despite surface damage.
  • How Rare is Serious Rust, and What Causes It? — Serious container rust or decay is fairly uncommon. One of the most frequent causes of real decay is when the container is stored directly on the ground or if organic debris is left to sit on the roof of the container. Both of these situations trap moisture against the steel which can cause a slow but deep decay. However, by placing your container properly and by taking care of it, you prevent this damage from occurring.

    Get more information about container maintenance and repairs.
  • How to Get Rid of Shipping Container Rust? — While most rusty shipping containers are able to be the storage answer you need, getting rid of the rust is also possible. Container professionals can sandblast or wire wheel away the surface level rust and then paint the fresh steel. We just want to reiterate that the vast majority of container rust will have no effect on the storage ability of the piece.

    Learn more about our custom painted storage containers.
  • How Long Does a Container Last? — Minor rust or not, a shipping container lasts approximately 35 years, but many continue to perform for much longer. We have numerous boxes in our fleet that are more than 30 years old and don’t have a single spot of rust on them! If you want to rent or buy a container that needs to look presentable and rust-free to your customer base, please let us know and we’ll accommodate you.

Now you know a little bit more about whether shipping containers rust and what it actually means when they do. If you still have questions or want to ask something specific about how you’ll use your container, please reach out to our team!

Container Options from TP Trailers & Truck Equipment

rusty shipping containers

rust-free shipping containers

While we’re always happy to be a source of information for customers and potential clients, we truly distinguish ourselves through the variety of custom container options we provide. Your industry often dictates what extras will make the greatest difference to you.

If you’re planning to use the container for heavy equipment storage, we offer custom options like vents, garage-style roll doors, and heavy-duty ramps.

For mobile office containers, we customize the interior to include lighting, finished walls, fold out desks, HVAC, and countless other essentials that make it feel like any other office.

However, if you need extra storage for retail, you’ll likely care most about custom shelving, extra personnel doors, and a completely rust-free exterior that looks great to customers.

See more of the most common container options.

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If you need watertight storage for your jobsite or business, we can help. The first step is to reach out to our team to get prices to rent or buy high-quality, watertight shipping containers. Plus, if you want a container without any rust at all, just let us know.

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