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We’re so much more than Our Name…

Trailers & Truck Equipment by TP Trailers

Perkins – T.P. Trailers was incorporated in 1969 as Perkins Garage, and with almost fifty years under our belt, we have grown to be so much more than our name. We started out as “Your Truck People” and as we grew, we slowly began to include trailers and eventually became “Your Truck and Trailer People.” Since the early 2000s, we have been selling trailers, but we are so much more…

At T.P. Trailers & Truck Equipment, we have the knowledge and experience to serve our customers in multiple areas, whether that be trailers, parts, service, truck equipment, snow equipment or even portable storage units. If you need it, then you’ll most likely find it, right here, in little ol’ Limerick, PA.

“It all began with a toolbox…” is the story we were told as children; our grandfather started Perkins Garage and worked on trucks to support his growing family. Our knowledge in maintaining fleets and servicing large trucks has continued to grow since the very beginning. As the years went by and technology began changing, we moved along with the changes. At T.P., you are guaranteed quality service with the latest software. As manufacturers release updates on software and programs, T.P. stays current, giving you the best possible solution to fixing your vehicle and getting you back on the road. We specialize in enhanced inspections, state inspections, state emissions, alignments, DOT inspections and general maintenance. Need something more detailed? We do custom fabrication as well. Our certified technicians can enhance your vehicle or trailer with different options and accessories.

As we closed in on the turn of the century, T.P. added trailers to our business, we also gained our renowned sales agent, Lori Spera (lori@tptrailersinc.com), who has more than fifteen years of experience in selling trailers. At T.P., you can find the trailer that will be your best business asset; enclosed, motorcycle, car, open landscape, ATV/UTV, utility, construction, and other trailer styles are all available at T.P. and can be customized to suit your particular needs. Need to repair a trailer that you own? Find the parts you need in our store that includes tires, brakes, suspension and lights.

Not many know, but T.P. backs their products with reliable service; we are open 24/7 in snow emergencies, when there is a snow storm, we’ll be here when you need us to fix your snow equipment. Ed Phillips (parts@tptrailersinc.com) has been with us for more than twenty years and can help you find parts for trailers, trucks and snow equipment. Find snow removal equipment such as snow plows, salt spreaders, walk-behind salt spreaders and snow pushers. Maintain your plow and spreaders throughout the year with a multitude of parts and seasonal service on pumps. Find hoses, solenoids, hydraulic fluid, lights and more as well!

In 2013, we welcomed the third generation of the family into the business. As this new chapter began, our rental department flourished, including daily pull-behind rentals and container rentals. Our rental department travels across the tri-state area, bringing 8′ x 20′ and 8′ x 40′ sea containers to your location to be used for storage. Our units are water and weather resistant; if you’re in the market to own a conex box, we have sale sea boxes as well!

Our two-way bumper pull rental trailers are perfect for traveling, hauling and so much more! Take them on motorcycle trips, college move-in weekends and vacation! We have different sizes that can fit almost any need. Our rental trailers are inspected before and after they are used, and can be guaranteed to serve you well! Our rental agent, Tom, Jr. (tomjr@tptrailersinc.com) can help you with questions, concerns and information on our ground level storage and rental trailers.

Our most recent venture has certainly been one of the best. We entered the truck body business a little more than five years ago, but our knowledge and history of working on vehicles has prepared us to be your best upfitter. T.P. stands behind their sales with excellent installation and service for stake bodies, landscape bodies, dump inserts, dump bodies, flatbeds, and so much more. Find truck equipment accessories, as well, such as lighting, toolboxes, salt spreaders and snow plows that will enhance your truck for your particular industry. We also specialize in Switch-N-Go detachable truck body systems that can free up your truck, while also saving you time and money. Our salesman, Rory Buckwalter (rory@tptrailersinc.com), joined our team two years ago and can help you find the best body to fit your needs, as well as the features to get the job done, well!

In this business, we stand to help you with your particular industry needs. At T.P. Trailers and Truck Equipment, we’re so much more than our name.

Catie Jane Perkins Catie Perkins