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T.P. Trailers & Truck Equipment, recently donated to JDog Junk Removal and Hauling, a Veteran, owned and operated company.

T.P. Trailers & Truck Equipment, Inc.

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Press Release



April 20, 2018

T.P. Trailers & Truck Equipment, Inc.,

DONATE TRAILER FOR Veteran Owned Organization!

Brett Connolly of JDOG Fishtown, PA wins trailer.


Limerick, PA, April 20, 2018– For years now, T.P. Trailers and Truck Equipment, Inc., a local business specializing in trailers, truck bodies, containers, snowplows and parts has worked alongside and with many other businesses to help support the community.  T.P. Trailers is pleased to announce the winner of a Belmont 82” x 12’ Solid Side Utility Trailer, which was recently donated to JDog Junk Removal and Hauling, a Veteran, owned and operated company, for its first Annual Convention, in Malvern, PA.

“Winning this trailer means so much to this business,” said JDog co-owner, Brett Connolly.  “We are currently in two territories in Northern Philadelphia, and this trailer is going to help us expand and add a second crew.”

“I have been working with JDog for many years,” said Lori Spera, Sales Manager, T.P. Trailers Inc.  “It all started when Jerry Flanagan, Founder and CEO of JDog, purchased his first trailer from TP Trailers.  Since then, our relationship has grown and now includes many new and existing JDog Franchisees and JDog employees.   It has been my pleasure and quite an honor to work with such outstanding people.  I’m looking forward to many more years, helping with the JDog team!”

For more information about T.P. Trailers & Truck Equipment, please visit www.tptrailersinc.com.  Located at 703 W. Ridge Pike, Limerick, PA 19468.  Located off 422 Sanatoga Exit on the left hand side.  Call 610-495-4530 and our sales team will be happy to help with any of your needs.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Danielle De Luca at 610-495-4530 or email at danielle@tptrailersinc.com.