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Specialty Trailers Designed for Business & Personal Use

specialty trailers

A unique job calls for an equally unique piece of equipment — and we have options for that. Specialty trailers are the term for an equipment trailer that has a specialty design difference, upgrade, or accessory that makes it ideal for a specific type of work. Whether it’s for use on a construction yard, hauling your equipment from site to site, or part of your hobby, all of these trailers have a unique quality that makes them right for the job.

At TP Trailers, we’re one of the east coast’s leading trailer companies. We have a large supply of standard and specialty trailers and are able to place orders as well. Keep reading to see some of the unique trailers for sale that we offer — or reach out right now to get pricing!

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6 Unique Trailers for Sale & How they Help

While standard trailers are the right choice for the majority of people and businesses, these specialty options can make your work significantly easier. These are a few of the most in-demand unique trailers for sale that we offer — however, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have specific needs you want your trailer to fulfill, just ask us and we’ll see what we can do!

unique trailers for sale

Construction Trailer with Attachment Package

Backhoes and skid steers with buckets are some of the most widely used pieces of heavy equipment on a construction site. This specialty trailer makes transporting things from place-to-place that much easier. The unique option on this trailer is the space up front allotted for the bucket of large commercial diggers. While this is definitely a unique trailer for a unique purpose, it also serves as a standard equipment trailer for other pieces of equipment.

specialty landscape trailer with mesh toolbox

Landscape Trailer with Mesh Toolbox & Weed Wacker Racks

Landscape trailers are an essential for most independent landscapers and landscape companies. These open trailers make hauling riding mowers and other large powered equipment simple and easy. However, this type of unique trailer for sale also provides a solution for smaller landscape tools. The mesh toolbox allows you to securely transport hand tools, and the weed wacker racks are great for hauling this common piece of equipment.

unique drop deck trailer for sale

Drop Deck Trailer

Thanks to the unique upgrade, this specialty trailer can bring added convenience for a wide range of industries and hobbies. To make loading equipment into the trailer bed even easier, the deck on this electric-powered trailer lowers all the way to the ground. This eliminates the need for a ramp and makes loading heavy equipment much easier. This lowering trailer is also very helpful in loading equipment with low ground clearance.

unique enclosed trailer with a toolbox package

Enclosed Trailer with a Toolbox Package and Ladder Rack

For professionals who work out of their trailer, this option adds efficiency and organization. Just like with a toolbox truck body, the toolbox package provides separate storage space to keep hand tools organized, while the ladder racks can carry multiple ladders or lengths of lightweight pipe.

All of this supplemental storage lets you bring along other essentials to each jobsite without occupying space in the main storage area of the trailer.

specialty heavy-duty trailer for sale

Heavy-Duty Specialty Trailer

This 25-ton tri-axle trailer has several unique upgrades that we’re featuring here. This heavy-duty trailer has air powered ramps and an underbody toolbox for additional storage. Finally, the look of this trailer is completely custom with the gorgeous sharp blue color scheme.

specialty trailer with custom paint

Trailer with Custom Paint

While it may not be a component of a traditional specialty trailer, an eye-catching color scheme can do a lot to help your business. A bold look will ensure your trailer stands out on jobsites and on the roads, which can be key to brand recognition.

Work with a Leading Trailer Company

TP Trailers & Truck Equipment is a trailer expert that proudly sells some of the most trusted, best-known brands. Not only do we have decades of experience matching customers to the right trailer for their needs and budgets, but we also have strong relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers.

On top of that, we also have a full-service repair shop that can repair any damage your trailer incurs. In addition, TP Trailers can handle trailer inspections, too!

Learn more about trailer inspections in PA.

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If one of these specialty trailers is the right match for your needs, reach out right now to our team to get pricing. However, if you have unique needs, we offer far more unique trailers for sale than you see here. Our knowledgeable trailer salespeople can help you find the right match for your business or hobby. Simply reach out today to start the conversation about all of your great options!

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