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Finding the Perfect Contractor Trailer

Contractors in every industry know that without the right tools, the job just isn’t getting done. There’s nothing worse than missing an important piece of equipment — and losing a few hours because of it.

That’s why contractors don’t travel light and prefer to take everything they might possibly need with them to the job. That’s where we come in. Carpenter, plumber, landscaper or anything else, we can help you find the perfect custom contractor trailer.

Learn what makes for the perfect contractor trailer and how it can solve problems and help you work easier.

8 Features for the Perfect Contractor Trailer

The right contractor trailer lets you take all of the tools and equipment you need for every job, without having to load and unload every day. There’s a good reason that most contractors are always interested in finding the right, labor-saving trailer.

However, there are a lot of trailers on the market — as one of the nation’s largest trailer dealers, nobody knows that better than us. Finding the right contractor trailer to serve as your company toolbox is a matter of selecting the right upgrades in a trailer that’s easy to use.

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Here’s what you’re looking for in the perfect company toolbox:

  • Enclosed — For most customers, deciding between an enclosed trailer and an open one is a tough question. When looking for the perfect contractor toolbox, the choice is clear: you need an enclosed trailer. The majority of the storage is located on the trailer walls, and the roof protects equipment from the elements.
  • Good length — When you’re planning to carry your entire warehouse to the jobsite, you’re going to need a big trailer. To allow for a full tool-box package, you will need a minimum of an 18-foot trailer for your mobile toolbox.
  • Multiple types of storage — The right trailer will allow you to store small parts in boxes and large equipment on shelves. For a plumber, that looks like storing washers in boxes and lengths of pipe on shelves or racks.
  • Easy to operate doors — You’ll be heading into your trailer several times a day. You can’t waste time fighting with difficult-to-open doors every time. Make sure your toolbox trailer has easy-open doors.
  • Ramp (if you have a vehicle) — This feature is particularly important for landscapers. If a vehicle or piece of a power equipment helps you get the job done, you shouldn’t need a separate trailer to bring it along to the jobsite. Not only do the perfect contractor trailers have enough space to store a zero-turn mower, but they also have a ramp for easy loading and unloading.
  • Watertight — If you’re using your toolbox contractor trailer to the fullest, you’ll be saving space in the warehouse by carrying your equipment everywhere you go. You need your trailer to be watertight and weatherproof to ensure your parts and equipment don’t fall victim to the elements.
  • Secure locks — Just like you need to keep your tools and materials protected from the elements, unfortunately, you need to think about keeping them safe from theft, as well. Since you bring your equipment everywhere with you, you are more at risk for theft. An enclosed trailer with a secure and easy-to-operate locking mechanism should do the trick.
  • Relatively lightweight — Most trailers in this category are light enough to be pulled by a properly equipped F150 or 1500 pickup truck.

Toolbox Trailer From Car Mate

Do you want a contractor trailer that meets all 8 criteria? Then you want a Car Mate trailer outfitted with contractor toolbox upgrades.

Not only do Car Mate trailers offer the solutions to make your job easier, they also have the durability to keep it up year-after-year.

At TP Trailers, we’re a proud Car Mate dealer, because time-and-time again we see that their products provide for our customers. Those are the results that we like to deliver — and that’s why we recommend Car Mate to contractors and other customers alike.

See our fleet of Car Mate trailers today.

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There’s a reason that TP Trailers is one of the biggest trailer dealers in the country: customers like you. We always strive to help you get more than just the trailer you need — but that you get the knowledge you need to make the most of it right away.

In addition, at TP Trailers we offer a wide variety of value-added services for our customers like an on-site notary and an inspection station. After all, whether you’re an ATV fanatic or a contractor, you don’t just buy a trailer from us, you start a relationship. We make sure you’re supported from the moment you buy.

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