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Portable Storage Containers for Sale in Quakertown, PA

Need temporary storage for your home or business? TP Trailers & Truck Equipment offers top-quality portable storage containers in Quakertown, PA for all your storage needs!

Whether you need temporary storage for a landscaping company, a retail outlet, a construction site, or even your own home, TP Trailers & Truck Equipment can deliver the quality portable storage containers you need without breaking your budget.

Check out our storage container options below or get in touch with us for customized storage solutions!

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New & Used Portable Storage Containers for Every Need

Ground Level Storage Containers
Our ground level storage containers, for sale or rent in Quakertown, PA, are the perfect solution for retail outlets or construction sites that want easy loading and unloading without steps! Wind-proof and watertight, these portable storage containers are available in 2 sizes (8×20 or 8×40) for lockable, secure storage you’ll love.

Mobile Offices
Need to setup a temporary office space? Our portable storage containers are the perfect solution when they’re outfitted with just the right gear. We can equip our storage containers with everything you need to take care of business including desks, drafting tables, filing cabinets, lighting, windows, air conditioning, heat, and much more.

Storage Trailers
When you need portable storage to safely transport shipments, our storage trailers are the perfect option. These high-quality storage containers can be customized with roll doors, swing doors, double rear doors, and many other options.

Residential Storage
Our residential storage containers are designed to blend perfectly with your home’s landscape while providing secure, watertight storage for less than you’d pay for a typical garden shed.

Custom Storage Containers
Need a custom storage container for your business? From branding elements like paint and logos to custom windows, doors, ramps, and more, we can customize your portable storage container to your unique needs.

Need help deciding on the right storage container solution for you? Contact TP Trailers & Truck Equipment. Our professional team is always happy to help!

Why Work with TP Trailers & Truck Equipment?

  • Top-Quality Storage Containers
    At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we take pride in the quality of our portable storage containers. In fact, we guarantee our storage containers will be free from damage like roof pinholes or leaky gaskets, as well as watertight and secure.
  • We Deliver to Your Quakertown, PA Location
    Whether you rent or buy your portable storage containers, TP Trailers & Truck Equipment will deliver them to your location, making it easy and convenient to get the storage capacity you need, when you need it.
  • Competitive Pricing
    Get quality storage containers at a price that won’t break your budget. TP Trailers & Truck Equipment offers fair pricing and no-hassle service you’ll appreciate.
  • Family Owned and Operated
    We’re a family-owned and operated company that’s been providing outstanding service to our customers since 1946 in Quakertown, PA and the surrounding area.

Find Storage Containers for Sale in Quakertown, PA at TP Trailers & Truck Equipment!

Ready to find the perfect portable storage container for your needs? Our team is here to answer your questions and provide an accurate price quote.

Contact TP Trailers & Truck Equipment to get started today!