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Portable Storage Containers for Sale in Allentown, PA

Looking for portable storage containers for your retail outlet, landscaping company, or construction site in the Allentown, PA area? Or maybe you’re a homeowner who needs temporary storage for a move or house cleanout?

Look no further than TP Trailers & Truck Equipment where you’ll find one of the largest inventories of portable storage containers in Allentown, PA and the surrounding area. We can even customize your storage containers to meet your needs.

Check out the options below or contact TP Trailers & Truck Equipment for a quote!

stacked portable storage containers

New or Used Portable Storage Containers

Ground Level Storage Containers
Need storage space that’s easy to access? Check out our ground level storage containers for convenient loading and unloading and no steps!

Mobile Offices
Want to setup a temporary office at a construction site or retail location in the Allentown, PA area? Our portable storage containers are the perfect solution! We can customize your storage container with windows, lighting, heat, AC, and all the comforts of a functional office so you can get down to business.

Storage Trailers
Looking for a storage solution that can also be shipped to other locations? Our storage trailers are a great solution! Plus, we can customize your storage trailer with a variety of door options including swing doors, roll doors, double rear doors, and more to meet your needs.

Residential Storage
Did you know portable storage containers aren’t just for businesses? We offer convenient and attractive residential storage options that blend perfectly with your home’s landscape and provide secure, watertight storage for less than the price of a typical garden shed.

Custom Storage Containers
Need a custom size? Want to brand your trailer with your business colors or logo? We’re happy to customize our trailers to meet the needs of your business in Allentown, PA and beyond.

Need help choosing the best portable storage container for you? Contact the team at TP Trailers & Truck Equipment. We’re always here to help!

Why Work with TP Trailers & Truck Equipment?

  • Top-Quality Storage Containers
    Customers in Allentown, PA and beyond love working with us because we’ve built a reputation for quality portable storage containers that are free from rust, roof pinholes, or leaky gaskets. Our storage containers are watertight, safe, and secure.
  • We Deliver!
    Get the storage capacity you need when you need it with convenient delivery to your location in Allentown, PA, and the surrounding area. Whether you buy or rent, we deliver!
  • No-Hassle Pricing
    At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment you’ll find solid storage options at competitive prices. In fact, we were offering no-hassle pricing long before it was a popular concept.
  • Family Owned and Operated
    Since 1946, TP Trailers & Truck Equipment has been a family-owned and operated company providing outstanding service to customers in Allentown, PA and beyond.

Find Storage Containers for Sale in Allentown, PA at TP Trailers & Truck Equipment!

Ready to find the right storage container for your needs? We’re always here to help. Contact TP Trailers & Truck Equipment today for best selection of quality portable storage containers in the Allentown, PA area!