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Why to Choose a Switch-N-Go Detachable Truck Body System

If you’re looking to purchase a detachable truck body system, the Switch-N-Go is one of the best options on the market. This medium-duty truck hoist and bodies are a staple in multiple industries as it provides a high degree of versatility changing your single use chassis into a multiple use tool. Switch-N-Go offers bodies for their hoist system that range from a standard drop box, a chipper body for tree-trimming, to a specialized custom body for your business needs.

Read our blog to learn why you’ll want to choose a Switch-N-Go — and get pricing options right now!

Switch-N-Go Stats

Switch-N-Go is primarily designed as a way to get a whole fleet’s worth of utility out of a single truck. The versatility of this detachable truck body system allows companies to purchase multiple bodies and equip them to a single truck — as opposed to buying multiple trucks equipped with one body. This can double or triple your return on the Switch-N-Go truck and reduce the amount of overhead in your fleet along with creating more profit.

Here are some of the key facts and figures to consider when deciding whether to invest in one of these systems:

  • The Switch-N-Go has a winch capacity of up to 18,000 lbs. and a hoist capacity for dumping up to 12 ton depending on the model.
  • In equivalent sizes, the Switch-N-Go hoist is less expensive than other detachable truck body systems.
  • The hoist systems on Switch-N-Go bodies are primarily powered by an electric motor, however, some heavier models have an all-hydraulic PTO powered hoist and winch. This give you the options to pick the hoist that best works for your needs.
  • Compared to other detachable truck body systems, the Switch-N-Go hoist system is lighter and can be equipped on lighter-duty trucks giving you more payload than other systems.
  • Switch-N-Go hoist systems are designed to use bodies that are built by Switch-N-Go which is owned by Deist Industries. You also can modify and attach other bodies to the Switch-N-Go sub-frame for use on the Switch-N-Go hoist.

switch-n-go hoist and dump body

The Right Truck for a Switch-N-Go Hoist and Bodies

Generally, Switch-N-Go bodies are the best choice for lighter-commercial duty trucks from 26,000 lb. GVWR and down. Since Switch-N-Go bodies and the electrical components are lighter, this truck body system can be equipped to the lighter chassis down to under 14,500 lb. GVWR or less. This can be a crucial advantage as it allows businesses to upfit the trucks already in their fleet rather than buying a specific truck for the hoist system and gives a greater range of chassis that the hoist system can be mounted on.

Although the Switch-N-Go hoist can be mounted on a chassis with a GVWR as high as 33,000 lbs. if needed, one of the most popular chassis GVWR’s for Switch-N-Go is 19,500 lbs. That is the general weight class for trucks that commercial and municipal users have preferred to equip with this system. If you have any questions about whether your truck is right for a Switch-N-Go or any other custom truck body, call us and we’ll find the right body for your vehicle.

Most Popular Industries for Switch-N-Go

Since the Switch-N-Go system prioritizes versatility, it is ideal for industries that have needs for multiple types of bodies as opposed to strictly needing a system for heavier-duty lifting.

As a result of the variety of possible truck bodies, the most popular industries for Switch-N-Go are:

  • Landscaping
  • Tree Care
  • Construction
  • Junk Removal
  • Recycling
  • Municipal
  • Rental
switch-n-go chipper body

The reason that the Switch-N-Go is such a popular choice for professionals in all of those fields is that it maximizes equipment budgets and provides the added convenience of having fewer trucks to maintain.

The first truck bodies you buy for your Switch-N-Go system depend on your industry and the other equipment you already own. However, these are the most popular bodies that we sell at TP Trailers:

  • Drop Box (Dumpster)
  • Landscape Body
  • Dump Body
  • Platform Body
  • Storage Body
  • Chipper Body
  • Spray Bodies
  • Recycle Body
  • Sub-Frames with V-Box Salt Spreaders or Brine Tanks and Applicators

Learn more about the best picks for intro Switch-N-Go bodies.

Get Your Switch-N-Go Detachable Truck Body System Quote Today

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