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5 Reasons to Use Switch-N-Go™

5. It’s Easy to Use

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A truck body can be changed in 3 minutes and operated by one person, which can free employees for other jobs. The simple system also creates multiple job opportunities that can be accomplished easier and faster.

4. It’s Safe

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Safety for ourselves and our employees is always our main priority. With interchangeable bodies, ground level loading and unloading can contribute to safer and faster work!

3. Multiple Bodies to Choose

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The most difficult decision you’ll have to make is which bodies to choose! Switch-N-Go bodies include chipper bodies, drop boxes, dump bodies, platform bodies, storage bodies, service bodies, sub-frames (great for salt spreaders) and even custom designed solutions.

2. Creates Efficiency

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The versatility of the Switch-N-Go system creates efficiency; with multiple bodies to choose from, the detachable truck body system allows you to drop a body at one location, and deliver another body to the next job.

1. Saves Time & Money

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Compared to the maintenance of several trucks, being able to use multiple bodies on one truck will lower total cost of ownership. The savings from only needing one truck for a multitude of uses will improve a business’ bottom line.

To learn more, or see more click the logo below! You can also see the Switch-N-Go, in action by clicking here.

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