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Official Guide to Trailer Sizes

trailer sizes

When you’re shopping for a trailer, you want to know that the quality is there and that it’s the right size to handle everything you need. When you buy from TP Trailers, you can 100% count on quality, but finding the right dimensions can still be tough.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help everyone understand trailer sizes. While our guide to the most common trailer dimensions should cover most people’s needs, our experts are always ready to answer your specific questions — and to give you pricing on our trailers for sale.

Read our blog to get the need-to-know info on trailer sizes straight from the experts.

Most Popular Trailer Dimensions

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we’re the headquarters where both people and businesses buy or rent the trailers they need for a wide range of jobs. While we’re always ready to consult with customers on an individual basis, these are the most common trailer dimensions for a variety of models and applications:

atv trailer sizes

ATV Trailer Sizes

ATV trailers can be a trailer that is made specifically to haul ATVs or it can be a landscape/utility style trailer that is more of a multi-purpose trailer:

  • 5’ X 8’ — The smallest ATV trailer is one of the most popular, allowing you to haul 1 ATV at a time.
  • 12’ & 14’ Single Axle Utility/Landscape Style Trailers — Another common size, this single axle trailer lets you haul up to 2 ATVs at once, depending on the size of your individual ATVs. These 12’ and 14’ single axle trailers usually have a 6’4” deck width but wider widths are also available. Some of these trailers have removable front side loading ramps to load your first ATV sideways.
  • 16’ & 18’ Tandem Axle Landscape Trailers — This tandem axle trailer is another popular size for hauling multiple ATVs and is rated for a heavier weight. These tandem axle trailers are also available with front side unloading ramps. These tandem axle landscape/utility trailers can have a deck width of 76” to 82”.
  • Side Loading Deckover ATV Trailers — These trailers are usually made of aluminum but some manufacturers offer this style trailer in steel as well. These trailers will have removable side ramps and ATVs can be loaded from either the side or the rear on most models.

Learn more about how to pick the right ATV trailer.

open landscaping trailer sizes

Open Landscaping Trailer Sizes

The backbone of a landscaping company, these trailers are most often used to haul large mowers as well as other supplemental equipment.

  • 6’4” X 12’ — This single axle trailer can usually carry 2 zero turn mowers (depending on their sizes) as well as other handheld equipment. The lower price point makes this option attractive. Also becoming popular is the 6’4” X 14’ version of this single axle landscape trailer.
  • 16’, 18’ and 20’ Open Trailer Tandem Axle Landscape Trailer — These tandem axle trailers can carry more weight and have the deck room for 3+ mowers, which makes this an ideal trailer for a company with large crews that handle large commercial properties and residential properties as well. These trailers are available in both 7,000# GVWR and also 9,990# GVWR.

dump trailer sizes

Dump Trailer Sizes

Dump trailers are an integral part to many types of businesses. They are available in multiple sizes from 5’ X 8’ single axle models in either 2,990# GVWR or 5,000# GVWR all the way up to 20’ Gooseneck models with a 24,000# GVWR and everything in between! Most of the dump trailer sizes are available with ramps so your dump trailer can pull double duty for you. In addition to hauling dirt, and more, you can also load your skid steer or tractor on your dump trailer with ramps.

  • 6’ X 12’ — This trailer’s dimensions tend to be big enough for most personal and commercial applications, which is why it’s such a good buy. The 6’ X 12’ dump trailer set up with ramps and combo or 3 way gate is the most popular dump trailer model.
  • 14’ — The 14’ dump trailer is another very popular model. The 14’ dump trailer will be considered a heavy duty model and will most likely be equipped with either dual cylinders or a scissor hoist. These heavy duty models usually have a bed width of close to 7’. Upgrading to this popular size tandem axle dump trailer not only increases the amount of product you can haul or the size of the machine you can haul, but it also increases the weight you carry.

deckover trailer sizes

Deckover Trailer Sizes

The most popular size of a deckover trailer is the 20’ model. However, longer deck lengths are available. A deckover trailer is just that — the deck of the trailer sits over top of the wheels. So this model would not have fenders and would allow full width to haul wider machines, pallets of product, and more. The deckover trailer is available in a couple of different configurations:

  • Deckover with an All Flat Deck — On this model, the whole deck of the trailer would be flat. It would not have a beavertail and also would not have ramps. This model would be ideal to haul lumber, pipe and skids that would be loaded from the side of the trailer by a forklift.
  • Deckover with a Fixed Beavertail — This model would have a portion of the deck that was flat and then a fixed beavertail with ramps. For instance, a 20’ deckover in this model would have a 16’ flat deck, plus a 4’ beavertail with stand up ladder ramps to load equipment such as tractors and skid steers on it.
  • Deckover with an Adjustable Beavertail — This model would be equipped with a flat deck plus a beavertail but the beavertail on this model is adjustable. So, when the adjustable beavertail is up, the whole deck of the trailer would be flat. When the adjustable beavertail is down, ramps slide out and you can load a piece of equipment like a skid steer or tractor on it. This model is available in 7,000# GVWR, 9,990# GVWR, and all the way up to 18,400# GVWR. Heavy duty deckover trailers are also available to haul larger pieces of equipment such as pavers. We sell heavy duty deckover trailers with a GVWR as high as 65,000#.

skid steer and equipment trailer sizes

Skid Steer/Equipment Trailer Sizes

These low-profile equipment trailers are used to haul skid steers and other types of construction equipment. These heavy-duty trailers do an important job for countless construction companies. In addition to hauling your skid loaders and tractors, these types of trailers can also haul material such as lumber, pallets, and more.

  • 16’ and 18’ — These are the most popular sizes in Skid Steer/Equipment trailers but they are also available in longer lengths as well. These types of trailers are available in 9,990# GVWR, 12,000# GVWR and all the way up to 18,400# GVWR.

Ready to start shopping? Check out our trailer buying guide!

What Size Trailer Do I Need?

“What size trailer do I need?” — good question! The answer depends on what you plan to do with it. Knowing how much and what type of equipment you need to haul will determine if you need one of the smaller or larger sized trailers. Ultimately, you don’t want to pay for a large trailer that you won’t use to its full capacity, but you also don’t want to find yourself needing more hauling capability.

One of the best ways to make sure you have the right sized trailer is to consult with an expert. Tell our trailer experts what you plan to do with it and what your budget looks like, and we’ll help you find the perfectly sized and priced trailer.

Shop a Huge Range of Trailer Sizes & Models

At TP Trailers & Truck Equipment, we are one of the nation’s leading trailer dealers, selling a huge range of brands and models. We offer many trailer sizes, brands and styles to complete any task. Our equipment specialists are able to help you find the right trailer dimensions for your needs and your budget.

Whether you know the exact trailer you need and you want a price, or you’re still doing your research, we encourage you to start the conversation. Get started and reach out today!

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