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Essential Trailer Maintenance Tips

trailer maintenance tips

As our name implies, trailers are one of the signature items at TP Trailers & Truck Equipment. We offer a wide range of trailers for sale, including everything from open landscape trailers to enclosed race trailers, and even heavy-duty commercial trailers. Since we’re the go-to source of information about trailers for many of our customers, we’ve put together some need-to-know trailer maintenance tips.

Homeowners and professionals alike trust us for high-quality equipment, repairs, and even trailer inspections in PA. We also want to be a source of information about trailer maintenance as well. While the maintenance needs for each trailer will differ somewhat, our trailer care guide is an overview of the best practices. Keep reading to learn more — or reach out to our team for maintenance or inspections.

Our Trailer Care Guide

While trailers are certainly designed to be tough and handle the elements, key routine maintenance keeps them performing well and looking new. The tips in our trailer care guide are dependent on the type of trailer you have and the materials from which it’s built. These are the simple things that anyone can do to keep their trailer looking and performing its best:

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  1. Keep it Washed — This simple tip holds true for all types of trailers and materials. When dirt and road grime get caked onto the trailer, they can damage the paint or metal finish. Just like with your car, bird droppings can cause damage, too.
  2. Wax Your Trailer — This trailer care step goes hand-in-hand with washing it. Adding a protective layer of wax once or twice a year keeps the finish protected.
  3. Keep the Hinges Greased — Not only does this tip make using all variety of trailers easier, it also keeps them in top condition. Simply grease or lubricate the hinges and doors as needed for optimal performance as well as key maintenance.
  4. Seal a Wood Floor or Bed — This trailer care tip is crucial for open trailers with wooden beds — common on landscape trailers — but doesn’t apply to fully metal or enclosed trailers. By sealing the wooden floor, you keep it protected from the possibility of rot or mold.
  5. Touch-Up Nicks and Scratches — Once again, as is the case with a car or truck, if your trailer gets nicked or scratched, you’ll want to take care of it promptly. Simply touch up the small areas of damage to ensure they don’t create an opportunity for rust to develop.
  6. Shine Aluminum with WD40 — This is a unique trailer maintenance tip that we’ve seen return standout results. Rubbing down the exterior of a raw aluminum trailer protects the finish — while making it look brand new.
  7. Keep it out of Direct Sun (If Possible) — We know trailers are meant to serve as a storage solution — not yet another thing you have to store. However, if you can keep your trailer out of direct sunlight, it will protect the paint job. Of course, the paint job is just cosmetic — so don’t sweat it if you can’t store it somewhere protected.

By following this simple trailer care guide, you’ll keep it looking just as attractive and performing just as smoothly as the day you drove it off the lot.

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Your Resource for Trailer Repairs and Parts

trailer care

These trailer maintenance ideas account for the simple cosmetic and usability issues that most people tend to encounter. However, for more serious technical or mechanical issues, you’ll want to have a professional you trust. In addition to being a large distributor of high-quality trailers, TP Trailers & Truck Equipment also has a full-service repair shop. Our repair and fabrication shop focuses on everything from snow removal equipment maintenance to trailer repair. In addition, we also stock and have access to a wide range of replacement parts from many leading manufacturers.

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Our mission is to be your go-to expert for all things trailer related. From handling trailer maintenance and repairs to performing your yearly inspection, we are the team of experts to trust. If you have any questions about what we do, please reach out today. Get more information about us and schedule your PA trailer inspection.

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